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Manifesting Internal Abundance Externally

The Abundance Business Community Networking Group is a spiritually based group of small business owners, business employees and independent contractors with a focus on building business from a spiritually conscious perspective.  The ABC Networking Group’s mission and purpose is: To build, inspire, and support our business community to manifest internal abundance external!  Embracing the understanding  that God  is source, substance and supply. This is an abundant universe and  there is already more than enough. Business is a reflection of our spiritual consciousness.

The group regularly works The 40-Day Prosperity Plan found in The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. Meetings always include a five minute meditation on one of The Statements of Principles from this book. The ABC Networking Group meets every Wednesday at 1:30 in the Ahiah Mezzanine Classroom inte Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living, 150 N. El Molino Ave, Pasadena.  All business owners and employees are welcome to attend, share and grow their businesses through spiritual principles.

Marcie Rose

Robin Alvarez

Annette Spence


Troy Mitchell

Milton Hunt

Ellen Close

Connie Ambrose

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