Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. We personally invite you to come join us for one of our services. Our worship style is engaging, and if you feel like doing so, you are encouraged to clap and move to music. Services usually end around 12:30, depending on if there are special presentations.  Ahiah visitors are invited to fill out and hand in a Visitor's Connection card.  This lets us know a little about you and your interests so that we can offer the highest and best efforts to meet your spiritual needs.  Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living regularly updates the event calendar.  We also provide service to our extended community that inspires and empowers each of us to experience meaningful and thriving lives. Whether it is a class or workshop, drop-in connection circle, retreat, concert, spiritual cinema, meditation, drum circle or one of our Out-and-About social activities, our connection is a meaningful way to enhance spiritual practices.

About U

Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena is a very diverse, warm, welcoming, active community that inspires spiritual growth and connection.  Everyone is welcome to join us and be themselves without pretense or judgment.

We create a space that invites, receives and welcome all who come through our doors.  Whether you come to seek, celebrate, meditate, worship or just connect, you have come to the right place.  Our hospitality goes beyond being friendly. It’s welcoming guests with a warmth, openness and authenticity that significantly exceeds expectations.

Our Center is constantly adding new and inspiring programs, ministries and connection groups.  It's an honor to have you visit our website, and we hope you will visit us in Pasadena.  We want you to feel comfortable as our visitor, so feel free to let the offering basket pass you when it comes to your row.

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