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We are pleased to announce that our new Senior Minister is Rev. Scott Olson!


Leads From The Heart

He is an avid student of Science of Mind and all the world’s religions.  He uses this wisdom as the basis of his talks, classes and ceremonies.  Rev. Scott is a loving presence who is known for connecting with people at the heart level, allowing love to guide.

Proven Leadership Skills

As an experienced manager he has the skills to lead a diverse community by using people’s gifts and strengths to achieve both community and financial goals.  He supports clear and transparent communications.

Rev. Scott's business background offers a wealth of experience that will prove essential for the business requirements for Ahiah:

He worked with Northrop Grumman Corp in Redondo Beach, California from 1988 to 2018.  He comes to Ahiah with thirty years of experience in a broad range of activities including being a Department Manager, Project Manager, and Process Owner.

  • Managed a 200 Person Advanced Semiconductor Fab with $40M/Year Budget

  • Leadership roles across a large spectrum of satellite production

  • Managed Wide Ranging Process Improvement Projects

  • Facilitated Teams with Broad Levels of Experience and Abilities

  • Awarded patent for HACT Charge Injection Methodology

Rev. Scott graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Applied Physics from UC Irvine; Earned his M.S. from Cal Tech in Pasadena; and completed his Masters Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in San Diego.


He began his spiritual journey with Namaste Center for Spiritual Living in Long Beach, CA where he served as a congregant, two terms on their Board and as a Practitioner. After completing is ministerial studies, he joined Laguna Woods Center for Spiritual Living as their Assistant Minister.  His collective training, experience and passions will be invaluable to Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena.

As a theme for his ministry, he is all about Love, and especially embracing the uniqueness of each person as the One Life.  He enjoys bringing people together in Oneness, by celebrating those qualities that we each have which make us individuals.

Rev. Scott Olson is looking forward to getting to know Pasadena again.  He is especially interested in working with the Community, and with our local schools in outreach programs.  

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