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Our Heart Song

The human heart is tuned to love music. I believe it’s because we have a special kind of music
inside us; a divine song. The moment we hear a certain song externally we are transported light
years away across space and time through the halls of our memories. That’s the power of Song.
I think it creates a resonance within us that tunes us into our own, inner Heart Song, playing
deep within us and broadcast by the resonating chambers of our heart.

The Heart song, when it's listened to, is all-powerful. It captures our attention and intention and
resonates with all around us and captures the hearts of those in its field of influence.  This Heart
Song is fearless, It's powerful. It's inspiring and when we listen to it, it moves us to action.

When I think of a most powerful example of the Heart Song, it brings me to the Remembrance
of  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His heart propelled him to speak Truth to power. No matter the
cost.  He put it all on the line and even gave his life. He spoke out about poverty being violence
against poor people. He joined with Thich Nhat Hanh and became the voice here in our nation
about the insanity of the Vietnam war machine. When I listen to his still-resonating heart song, I
know that If we can follow the intention to send 30 billion dollars to a war effort, we could
undoubtedly house every homeless person in the nation, provide mental health support and
substance abuse treatment services for every suffering addicted person for much less than that
30 billion!

The Heart sings and it speaks. It’s not a bully but it doesn’t hesitate to speak the Truth because
it knows that it must. The conscious mind may temper the voice of the heart, afraid to be
ostracized or judged but the Heart will leak its fearlessness into the air and issue a heart song
call to all around it. This heart song is the sound of our compassion, the seed of our kindness,
the soil of our gratitude and some say, the rhythm of our Soul made manifest. Whatever we
consider the heart,  the instant we turn our attention to it something wonderful happens within

Recently at the AHIAH center, we experienced a wonderful Wellness day event, reminding us of
the powerful heart energy embedded in the walls of the wonderful space that we call AHIAH.
During this event, the many hearts that participated in the various activities of the day, captured
this resonance and replayed it throughout the building. The love in the space was palpable and
you could feel this energy in every room, circulating around the yoga lessons, meditations, and
sound baths going on simultaneously.

Listening to our heart song inspires and lifts us. It creates a resonant field of love around us!
This field is magnetic and is an attractive force that moves everyone around us to just drop
down into their own heart. Some might say it’s a communicable, benevolent force in our

Are you listening to your heart song today?
What song is it playing for you? What does it say?
If you are straining to hear it, try priming the pump and asking your heart some vital questions to
get your heart song amplified.
While sitting in silence, focus your attention on your heart and ask it a series of questions:

Who am I?
What do I want?
What is my purpose?
What am I grateful for?

Listen to the response from your heart. Allow the sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts to
rise up within, and just listen and observe. As you listen, you will begin to hear that very unique heart song that is within you, growing louder and louder with each beat of your heart.
As you deepen in this practice, imagine a world where we are all listening to our heart song and
inspiring one another to deepen in the heart-centered practice of loving ourselves in this

Can you imagine, in this moment, what that would be like for us all, as what Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. called Beloved Community?

In this moment, I am setting an intention to listen within and to play my heart song to myself and
others. Let’s join together and anchor the intention for a global Beloved Community of greater
love, peace, and harmony with no one left out!
Will you join me?

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