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Say Their Names

As usual, on Monday I started to think about this week’s talk. When I saw the talk title “Say Their Names,” my heart sank slightly. I had met with Rev. Mike and Rev. Karen for a review of the weekly titles, and I remembered being excited about giving that talk. Now the reality of the process that I go through to create the talk was looming. I live the talk each week. How would that show up?

Monday night, we had a fabulous Creating the Beloved Community. We created a space for honest and authentic communication, and it was given. At the end of the class, I stayed on Zoom with my fellow presenters. Four people who I have learned to love and to trust, who I know to be powerful prayers. I asked for prayer from them and then settled in for the ride.

I did not know what was going to present itself, and there are still several days before Sunday, but the theme that I have seen so far this week is how love has shown itself in so many ways as the Ahiah community. “Say Their Names” is asking us to remember those who have been taken from us. I think it is also calling us to say the names of those who are still here. To see clearly who we each are and to care deeply about each expression of the divine. I have had the honor of talking to so many Ahiah people this week; Sylvia Campbell even drummed as she sang a song of appreciation to me. Each of these conversations has reminded me of how special each of us is.

I have had some frank conversations too. I have found yet again that it is not always comfortable when we are honest with each other, but it is real. We have the opportunity to hear each other and to then respond and grow. I may not always agree, but at least it is the authentic way that someone feels. I can respect that.

So the week is going to continue, and we will find out what will end up in the talk for Sunday. So far, what I know will be in the talk is the importance of the connection we have with each other, how we are called to remember those connections, the impact that we have on each other, and how we become better human beings in the process. Once again, I have learned the truth of how much I love Ahiah.

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