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Spirit's Highest Vision

Is it your Time to Practice the Presence with a Practitioner?

As we continue our collective commitment to creating the Beloved Community, we will find that sacred ritual and collective spiritual practice will enhance our journey. During the May 23rd service entitled “Say Their Names”, I led an African ancestral ceremony known as the “pouring of libation” to honor those ancestors whose life values have contributed to our existence.

After saying the name of each ancestor or individual, I invited participants to say with me the word “Ase` “ (a Yoruba word).

After each part of the libation that is poured, we say Ase` (pronounced Ah-shay). Ase` has been defined as "the strength, courage, and commitment to make the words flesh." It means "and so it is" or "let it be so." It also means "I agree with all my heart and soul." It is akin to the familiar word AMEN that we often end our prayers within the metaphysical Christian tradition.

So when we align ourselves with the Divine “Ase`” or the “Yes” within us, then the universal “Amen” (that is all around us,) responds and reminds us that all prayer is answered prayer. Truth known anywhere is Truth known everywhere. All prayer is answered with a Divine “Yes”. However, it is most effectively received when we are aligned with that “Yes” existing inside of us.

My questions for you today are:

What are you knowing for certain about yourself?
What is the prayer of your innermost heart?
Are you absolutely clear about what you value in life?

These are questions calling many spiritual seekers from within. During meditation and spiritual practice, you may ask for clarity on these questions and receive the soul response that makes life worth living. In our book study group recently, we focused on the question “Who Am I?” during our daily meditations. The results reported have been profound and continue to be revealed.

Creating the Beloved Community means we are undertaking the commitment to the spiritual journey, so it can be helpful to have a guide on the side, a spiritual coach, an advocate who knows the Truth about you and can help you get clear when the way looks unclear.

Ahiah now has a team of 10 dedicated and licensed practitioners dedicated to practicing the Presence. Several are Emeritus or “veteran” practitioners. During their extensive training and practice, they have personally experienced this Divine Presence that is within us, and they know It is, even now, helping you to move through whatever you are experiencing. This is especially helpful if it’s something that is disturbing your peace.

Often due to our upbringing and domestication, we believe that voice in our heads telling us “I can handle this” or “I don’t need anyone’s help, I’ve got this” but we fail to recognize that we can’t see, what we can’t see. Viewed through the eyes of the Heart, there can be a clear solution grounded in Love, calling us forward, but the fear of our human mind holds us hostage, keeping us mired in the worry of a false power threatening to block our Good.

A practitioner can help us realize, with our Real Eyes, the “I” of the Spirit within us, that our Good belongs to us by Divine inheritance and nothing can hide, occlude, or prevent our Good when we are standing on the solid foundation of Spiritual Truth. What’s more, our practitioners need you to help them fulfill their commitment to serving the AHIAH community and the human family. They have dedicated their lives to the Holy Spirit and committed to helping us all rise above the mud by using spiritual Mind treatments to affirm Truth. Our practitioner core is living proof that the Divine has afforded us spiritual support to find our way Home and create an even stronger Beloved Community we long for.

Matthew 18:20 “For wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” - Lahmsa Bible direct Aramaic translation.

Today we have a chance to gather in the name and nature of the Christ presence within, by asking for their support. Prayer works and changes the mind of all who use it. For when we pray consistently we begin to see with our Real Eyes that all prayer is answered prayer – for the Holy Spirits answer, always available within us, is always “Yes”.

My invitation to you is to participate in your own spiritual evolution by reaching out for a “check-up from the neck up”. Ask one of our loving practitioners to pray with you. Our world could use 2 more human beings coming together in a beloved community to help lift us all. Thus we grow and the Beloved Community grows up around us!

Ase and Amen!

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