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The Healing Miracle of Love

Has it occurred to you that we are connected in miraculous ways? That may be why the healing miracle of love is revealing to us our extraordinary hidden powers during these challenging times.

We have been domesticated to believe that death is a “forever thing” and yet many don’t believe that life, by extension, is also a forever thing. Perhaps death is just the flip side of the same coin. And perhaps Love is the glue that binds both life and death together.

This week, I viewed a film called “Living with Ghosts” which explores a new type of therapy called Induced After Death Communication. (IADC) The idea is that there is a way for us to change our beliefs around death and grief in a real way so that we can experience what it’s like to communicate with our loved ones after death. I see it as using the communication channel of Love.

It’s just like we use an electronic device called a cell phone to call one another using frequency transmission and towers. Instead, in IADC we use the transmission tower of the heart and the frequency of consciousness, or what we call in Religious Science, the One Mind.

While this is not a new idea, it is the very first time a publicly funded experiment was conducted on people experiencing extreme bereavement. The results were phenomenal. It suggests that we possess abilities that we are just now learning to tap into.

This film was very healing for me since the holidays bring up so many nostalgic memories of my mom and other loved ones who have celebrated holidays with me throughout my life. It reminded me that there is something about Love that connects us across space and time. I believe that harnessing the power of love allows us to re-experience a person who has crossed over as if they were here and now. In that experience, we witness that time is an illusion. In this practice of connecting through the channel of love, we can experience ourselves as Pure love in action.

Here's an exercise for you to experiment with in the laboratory of your own life.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think of someone you love or someone who loves you. See their face, hear their voice, feel their presence and sense their loving touch. Smile as you remember the joy of their presence. Just sit with that for a while and notice how it feels to focus your attention on the power of love. When you are ready open your eyes and return to the here and now.

What did you feel? Did it seem your loved one was right here, right now? Could you sense their loving presence? I invite you to practice this experiment with loved ones in your life. Send loving light to members of your spiritual community or your blood family. Then call them and say hello.

Make time for this experience of loving in your life daily. You see, there was a time when we could not imagine going to the moon or seeing the far reaches of the universe because it hadn’t happened yet in our timeline of physical world reality. But today, after seeing humans on the moon, and marveling at the images of the Webb and Hubble telescopes, we can imagine previously unimaginable possibilities.

Today we can imagine the power of love. Working through us can transcend the boundaries of space and time. It can heal and uplift our related family, our community, our ancestors, and even our entire human family..

Let the Healing Power of love move through you in a mighty way today and connect to someone using that magnificent Light of Loving that you are.

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