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The New Rules

Eight months ago, I wrote an article about being in the present time: “Now is the Time.” October, 2020 marked about 8 months of Covid. Now, June 18 2021is the Time. Imagine a line connecting October 2020 to June 2021. It is the same line that connects the Covid origin marker point of February 2020 with October 2020 and June 18 2021. This connector line has no life; nor has it energy. It is nothing. Yet, as a connector of marker points, it appears to be a line. We call it a line for that reason. This line can not be any other thing than its existence as that which connects the markers.

Essentially, Time is nothing in and of itself. Time is meaningful only when it is a measured distance from an event occurring at one point of time to another point in time, either past or future. It is truly a creation in and of the mind, for it cannot be touched, felt, or seen. Like Faith and Spirit, Time is only knowable as an inner awareness, so it can be sensed. Before this moment of awareness, seeming now to take its place on the “ruler” of time; is there really a place for us to know the moment as an event? Certainly there is no thing to touch, feel, smell, taste. However, through consciousness, I know this because I Am.

At times of great change in the world, our awareness of all that is around us becomes enhanced. The onset can be a world wide disaster event such as the current pandemic. It could be a world war or an invasion from outer space, but it is the onset of the event that we recognise as life-changing at the moment it happens in our awareness. And we do our best to remember the onset as a marker, as an exact point in time and space because it longer exists in the present. The virus experience has been present for over a year and a half, but the onset lasted only that one moment in time when I became aware of it.

While life is present and moves on, this event is now past, no longer present. Its moment contained the tone that was set at that time. That moment is gone for good.

There are only the next moments in time which progress in sequence one by one as life happens continually and eternally. Many of the moments following the pandemic onset event contained new events and conditions such as economic hardship, job loss, hunger, anxiety, depression, addiction and death.

For many of us, the pandemic has been like one continuous day. Each new day urges us to respond or react; yet, our responses and reactions which worked before Covid don’t work anymore. Though we do not know why they don’t work like before, we must choose to be present. No matter how tough things may get, as we adjust and cope with the changes brought by those conditions, we must know that Spirit always pulls us forward, guiding and gently showing us the way, if only we can be aware.

All across humanity, we are changing how we relate to one another on all levels. No matter what colour, race, sexual identification, ethnicity, we are all coming up with new rules. Many of us are creating them even as we participate in conversations geared to bring us together as beloved like-minded communal groups all across America and more. There is upheaval of old rules as they give way to new ones. Merriam Webster defines “upheaval” as:

“extreme agitation or disorder : radical change…a major change or period of change that causes a lot of conflict, confusion, anger, etc.”

In these times, we create new rules because we must. We are co-creating/manifesting our lives in greater awareness of our unity and Oneness as we enter this new stage together, no longer bound to any of the old rules of separation. In order to be this consciousness, we must take action and create our new rules. We choose the rules we follow, because at the moment we make this choice, the rules we follow are the rules. To this there is no exception.

Here are three old rules along with the new rules that I suggest to replace them with:

Cross the street to avoid contact with another person. Smile/Wave/Say Hi to someone.
Curse a driver for cutting you off. Smile/yield right of way to the other driver.
Show disgust at a homeless person. Give cash/food to a homeless person.

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