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The Way It Works

This month in New Thought, we traditionally revisit the topic of Back to Basics which includes The Thing Itself, The Way it Works, What It Does & How to Use it.
This year the Centers for Spiritual Living has offered us an opportunity to weave these topics together with the Theme of Wonder Wonder Everywhere! Indeed, this Thing we call Life is continuing to weave the tapestry of Wonder everywhere around us if we can just be open to witnessing it.
January is the month that my family and I experienced my mom's road to her transition almost 10 years ago. She had already caught a glimpse of her transition process and because of a mini-stroke she suffered right before Christmas, she was unable to adequately participate in her daily ritual of working the newspaper crossword puzzle.
This, for her, was a showstopper and she interpreted it as a “Call from the Divine” to return to the Light.
Nothing could sway her from her determination and yet she tried to give us hints, in order to prepare us for the shock.
I realize now that she was planting seeds of wonder that would continue to sprout over the years. I am so aware that those who we think are gone from among us are continuing to teach us, simply from the Other side of life.
How many times do I find myself listening to my mp3 recordings of Wayne Dyer reminding me of the Power of Intention? Or listening to Dr. Martin Luther King’s little known sermons? Or reading my beloved Howard Thurmon inspiring words of mystical wisdom?
Each of them is still teaching us from the Other side, and serving as a vehicle of this Thing we call the Divine.
You see, the Way It Works is that It never stops working. It is eternal, never-ending and What It Does is that It continues to “Do what it Do” through each one of us, even when we have crossed over into the Light.
What I am hearing as I listen to the Still Small voice within is that I get to use this Thing by opening myself to hear, even when the ear cannot hear It. I get to use the faculty of spiritual discernment to become aware of “that which appears not”. I get to turn within to the secret place and become open to that Divine radio broadcast that is always on.
I realized this week that a part of me is experiencing that which we call nostalgia. Rev. Scott reminded us last week that nostalgia is “pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again.”
Thinking of my mom over the past few weeks has brought me these intense feelings of pleasure and sadness, missing my phone calls with her, missing her infectious laugh, and thinking to myself, “What would Mom say now?”
She would say “ hese feelings you have are simply a part of being alive. You’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet Baby, and know that my love will never die. I’m not there right now, but I Am always there within you, even when you think I’m gone. I’m in your spirit Son, I’m in your DNA and your heart, so just remember to love the world on my behalf. Do it for me since you are still there!”
Thinking of my dear practitioner prayer warrior Janet White who crossed over in 2019, I can hear her voice right now, clear as day saying “ Always remember that God knows…and God shows…”
And I can hear my dear Nancy Thompson, practitioner Emeritus still Practicing the Presence from the Other side saying to us all:
“Let us remember Divine intelligence is plotting our Good. We have the Power to use it.
Let us come together to know this together and to amplify it for the world.”
And I can hear the words of the Master teacher, Yeshua of Nazareth teaching, “The one who seeks should not cease seeking until he finds…”
So today, when you get still and turn within, you’ll find that you can hear the voices of our Ancestors whispering to us all from the Other side of life, reminding us that we are all here by Divine appointment.
They are reminding us that there is this Divine “Thing” we call God, that we call Good. It has called us into being so that we can remember How It Works and share the Good News with the world that You Can Use it!
Finally, when we are in that sacred space of remembering, we can call on It to remind us of What It Does. For it always says “Yes” and It always answers us, for all prayer is Answered Prayer. And it always Loves us, Loves through us and as us, no matter what it looks like in the physical world reality.
So the next time that you wonder what there is to be in Wonder about, remember that even before you were formed in your mother's womb, it knew your Name, it knew your Nature and It knew that It knew that Love was the answer to your every question. And It knew that you were a most Wondrous Being of Light and Love.
Today let us join together in Beloved Community to re-discover together our divine heritage and co-create this new world together.
Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New You, in this New Year of 2022!

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