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Trust Life No Matter What

Yesterday at dusk - hummingbirds, crows, bees, life just buzzing and
humming along like there is no yesterday, no tomorrow. My wife and I
were back in our version of paradise after taking a much-needed road
trip up to Ojai. My garden is my portal to the eternal.
Out of nowhere, the doorbell rings. The sound pierces my world with
its characteristic “ping”. For a moment that sound fills my
consciousness like liquid fills a glass - suddenly full, I am poised to
respond to the sound. I recognize that it is my doorbell ringing. The
first thing on my mind is, the question, “whom could this be? I am
not expecting anyone at this time.”
“Oh it’s probably one of those
bothersome students or solicitors, blah blah blah.”

Quickly, more question-thoughts enter, all wanting an explanation.
Thoughts like, “why are they bothering me now”?, “what do they
want”?, etc. As the thoughts become more about eliminating this
disruption to my bliss, I walk to the front door.

Now I am deciding how I will open it. I could pull the curtain back and indicate that I do not want to “deal” with this. I could open the door and tell them “no”, without even acknowledging them. Or I could open the door with a smile, and connect with them, whoever they are.
At the moment I began opening the door, my wife appears holding a
check book in her hand.
I open the door and behold the living soul standing there on my
porch. This beautiful lady has darker skin than me - I recognize her
beauty as evidence of the Presence of something greater than me or
her or my wife. Sherita begins her pitch,
“Hi, my name is Sherita. I am raising money for a school trip.
Will you help me?”
“Oh, where are you going? What school”, I ask her.
“Italy. I am a high school student at ££££££££.”
I respond,
“How cool. I’ve never been there”.
My wife chimed in,
“Oh you will love it. Are you going to Milan, Rome…I love Italy”
Our conversation went on as we shared stuff.
“You don’t have to subscribe to any magazines; they want me to
sell them”, as my wife asked her who to make the check out to.
We wished her luck as we said our goodbyes, so grateful to have
connected in this way to something greater than the three of us. In
gratitude, I recognized that a Thought Transformation had occurred
during the time between when the bell rang and the moment I
answered the door. Yes, a Thought Transformation occurred. This Thought Transformation is Spirit doing what It does. My part in this is to turn on the switch that allows this process. When the young
lady rang my bell, this was the process I turned on:


I meet you in life.
I think, "who are you, I don't know you, you're different I don’t like
you, etc.”.


I change my thought. This is the new thought I have created before I
allow, respond, speak:

Now I respond by opening the door and greeting this precious soul. I have turned on the switch. I have connected with the Divine.

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