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What's Talked About, Comes About

“An Intention will orchestrate its own fulfillment through synchronicity and grace.”
Deepak Chopra in the online E-Course “Radical Well-Being”

One of our AHIAH spiritual practitioners mentioned how coincidental it is that we are hearing the same themes in all of our different activities this month; the Metaphysical Bible class, Tuesday night book study, Wednesday Night Healing Circle and the Monthly Movie night all contain themes around Who We Are as human beings. In each gathering, we have been reminded of the power inherent in asking ourselves the question; ”Who Am I” .

As a center for spiritual living, we help people answer that question as we facilitate the experience of living as a spiritual being having a human experience on planet earth. What that means is that we are all about supporting you in your growth as an evolving human being, and helping you live your best life.

To me personally, that has meant moving from the uncertainty of intellect or realm of the mind, into the knowingness of the heart, where a deeper knowledge of my destiny as a divine Soul lives.

In addition to our Sunday celebration services, we hold heart-centered gatherings during the week, where we support one another with inspiring and uplifting discussions, healing meditations, Affirmative Prayer and other healing spiritual practices.

To anyone who asks what we do during the week, and why I give of my time to support these gatherings, I have no shame in raving about the learning and positive impact of our weekly Tuesday and Wednesday night circles.

For close to 20 years now, during the week we have been coming together to discuss spiritual growth, our personal challenges and opportunities for collective growth as well as inspirational discoveries promising great hope for the future of humanity.

We started off the Tuesday Night book study over 15 years ago by reading Wayne Dyers “Wishes Fulfilled” and when he mentioned that he had been greatly influenced by the Ascended Masters Discourses, we immediately knew that we would be reading those volumes next. When we first started reading the Discourses, we didn’t know there was an order to the series, so we started off in the middle with Discourse 6 and then randomly studied the remaining Discourses. It was many years later that we moved on to other series of books, including The Four Agreements, Mastery of Love and many more.

Currently, we are reading the Way of Mastery: Volume 1 - The Way of the Heart and as we read each page we stop and hold conversations to discuss the principles and learnings inherent in each reading. Each week also offers a series of exercises, so the learning becomes experiential and not just intellectual.

On Wednesday nights at 7pm, we gather for the Healing Circles and we usually show a short video and discuss the learning. This season we are watching the Missing Links Series with Gregg Braden and discussing the paradigm shift of human consciousness as we are becoming aware of the false assumptions of the past and the recent new discoveries pointing us to the next stage of our spiritual evolution. We are awakening as a new breed of human being as we realize the power we have inside to create a new world.

Our weekly gatherings were inspired, in part, by the Annual Season for Peace and Nonviolence which began in 1998 . It’s a 64 Day season, from Jan 30-Apr.4 in which we daily observe principles of peace and Non-Violence.

We started observing this annual Season with monthly movie nights in 2001 featuring the screening of the film Gandhi. The film was so long (over 3 hours) it took us 2 sessions to screen. Today, 22 years later, we are still celebrating the possibility of Peace with monthly movie nights and by promoting the principles of Peace and Nonviolence in our activities.

Today’s principle for Day 28, for example, is Listening. The website at shares each day a quote, an affirmation and a practice to honor and more fully live these Nonviolence principles. I am sharing today’s here for your awareness and inspiration.

Quotation: What if we were to willingly listen to one another with the awareness that we each see the world in unique ways?
– Margaret Wheatley

Affirmation: What would become possible if we each approached every conversation as an opportunity to learn? Today I listen to others by listening for what I can learn from them.

Practice: Be fully present to each conversation you engage in, and listen longer than usual – and with more patience- to what others are saying. Give the other person your full attention, because nothing else really matters. Look directly at the person who is speaking, without thinking about other things.

“If you want to experience something you’ve never had, then do something you’ve never done.”

Come join us in the Ahiah Zoom room on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific Time.

Today, by participating in my own spiritual growth, I can always hear the answer to the age-old question: “Who Am I? “

Exodus 3-5 (from the Lamsa Aramaic translation):”…take your shoes off from your feet, for the place whereon you are standing is holy ground”

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