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Brenda Gant

Office Manager

Brenda Gant is responsible for  the management of Ahiah's Office Administration; Board and Ministerial Business Support; Inventory Control and continual update of Ahiah's members and congregation accounts She oversees Legal and Government Compliance; all Bookkeeping and Financial management, including  Ahiah's Quarterly and Annual Reports. In her capacity as Office Manager, Brenda is also responsible for Ahiah's Board and Ministerial support with correspondence, communication, policies and procedures; Lease/Facility rental management and coordinating revenue-generating accounts for passive income.  Brenda was raised as a Presbyterian and converted to Islam when she was 21. After obtaining her BA at UCLA and then her international MBA at Thunderbird in Arizona, Brenda moved to Saudi Arabia for 20 years where she raised 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls with her Saudi husband. She moved back to Glendale in 2006 and got remarried to her husband Jeff whom she had known since childhood. Brenda has worked in a variety of office positions over the years, the longest stretch being as Studio Manager for an all-women’s photography company in Jeddah.  She is very involved in the community and is a member of several non-profit service organizations and serves as a Board Member for three of them.



Harris Silcott

Administrative Assistant 

Harris Silcott is responsible for maintaining and updating Ahiah’s website; Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing; running the livestream for Sunday Celebrations; assisting with all office related tasks; coordinating practitioner volunteers and will soon be focused on cataloging congregants in Breeze, Ahiah’s online organization tool.  He is prepared to take on more responsibility as the church returns to an in-person format and people begin to come back in earnest.  While he only joined the Ahiah family at the end of 2020, Harris has been learning about the Science of Mind at the North Hollywood Center for Spiritual Living and at the CSL Teen Camps from a very young age.  He has served as a volunteer organizer for many events at the North Hollywood CSL and for the Teen Camp.  While he has experience serving spiritual communities, this is his first time in a purely Administrative position, and he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of a CSL community in this capacity.  Before coming to Ahiah, Harris was working mainly as a healthcare provider for his Aunt through the In-Home Supportive Services. He is currently on leave from Sarah Lawrence College, but plans to return to finish his BA when spirit calls him to.

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