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Future Progression

What is future progression? Many people have heard of past life regression but have you ever heard of future progression? Past life regression is a hypnotic experience focused on exploring and going into the past of a person’s soul experience. It’s based on the concept of past lives. The philosophy that the soul never dies, lives a human life from birth to “death”, and then is rebirthed as a different person in a different place and time. Many lives, one soul.

Past life regression can be a simple party trick or it can be a powerful tool used to understand our current life experiences. Therapeutically, bringing awareness and “remembering” our past lives can give us a way of understanding our current life situations by applying skills, learnings, and awareness from our past to our present. If we’ve lived many lives, then why not draw from the learnings and wisdom from those past lives?

Quantum theory and many spiritual traditions (even some popular movies, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once”) are telling us that everything, the past, present, and future, are all happening right now in this very moment. If we accept that theorem then just as we can look to the past for answers and abilities from our past lives, we can look toward our future selves support and learnings that we, in a weird way, haven’t learned yet. This is how future progression can be helpful.

Let’s say we want to learn how to fly a plane, in the moment of this reality, we don’t know how to do that but, our future self does. We can reach into the future and find that future Self that already is an experienced pilot and lean into their confidence of already being a successful pilot as we study and learn the skills right now to become that future. We can even ask ourselves, “What does my future Self need me to do right now so that they exist?” I may judge myself as not being successful right now but I know my future Self is highly successful. So, I “progress” into my future to understand what I need to do today so that that successful future can become my reality. The more I align myself with that future success, the more it has no choice to become.

In an effort to keep this simple, I’m asking you to, in a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and come to a relaxed state. Visualize, imagine, or simply see yourself standing in front of a large mirror. Stare directly into your eyes and let everything around you become out of focus. Keep staring directly into your reflection for a few minutes and then pull back your vision. Once again take in your surroundings letting your critical, judgmental mind step into the background, and see if anything around you in the reflection has changed. Let your imagination be as open to whatever presents itself. Maybe your clothes in the reflection are now different, maybe what’s around you has changed? Just let whatever happens be as it is. Ask a question of your future Self, open ended questions are the best. Say, “Show me what I need to learn, do, be now in this life to support my future Self.” Step back and become the observer and “listen” with all the tools you have (color, temperature, texture, sound, smell, taste, feeling) to simply take in information. Let the image in front of you be like a movie screen that plays out the story of your future Self. Tell your judgmental or critical mind that wants to figure all this out that it can when you are done. It can think about everything you saw, felt, and experienced later. In this moment right now, be like a sponge and take in information, absorb.

That future Self might be you ten years from now, it might be you in a future life. It’s a fun party game AND it can also be a life affirming, even life changing experience. It can be super helpful for people who feel trapped in an emotional or even physical state of being. Knowing that, “this to shall pass” and that the trouble of today can be very different tomorrow can give a sense of relief and even hope or direction for many people. Feeling the eternity and continuation of life can lift our hearts and create space from the pains of our current reality. And, what better mentor is their in the world but your future Self who has survived and grown and moved beyond into a whole new experience.

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