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What to Expect on Sundays

We have a warm, friendly and very diverse community representing all ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and gender preferences.   Our community spans a range of ages and backgrounds. You’ll see people dressed in all styles—from jeans to business suits. More than half of our members regularly volunteer to create a loving and welcoming environment for all visitors, members and guests. Our worship style is engaging and if you feel like doing so, you are encouraged to clap and move to music. Each service lasts for about one hour and fifteen minutes. Afterwards, we gather in the Happenings Hall for fellowship, and "sneaky snax". Our visitors are welcomed and invited to fill out and hand in a Connection card to let us know about you. Also, we don’t expect our visitors to give, so feel free to let the offering basket pass you by when it comes down your row.

What About Children?

Kids are welcome to attend worship services, but we also offer wonderful Sunday morning programs for children, tweens, and teens where they can really enjoy learning about God in a community of young people.  Click here to learn more about Youth programs and check-in.

What to Wear

We are a reflection of our Southern California culture. People sometimes dress up, wear jeans, or even shorts in the summer.  We provide a comfortable environment.


Where Are We Located?

We are on 150 N. El Molino in Pasadena, Ca 91101.  We are between Los Robles and Lake  - and Union and Walnut. Click Here for a map of our location, to get driving directions, and for a .pdf of our Campus Map.

Where To Park?

Enter from the South Driveway and park in the rear of the building.  You may access the building through the BROWN GATE, which is located near the North (Exit) Driveway.  Also, on Sundays, we have additional parking directly across the street.

Want to Know More?

We have fellowship after Sunday Service where you are welcome to ask in person any questions you have about our Center and how we might be of service to you.  Feel free to ask any question about what we believe,  our worship services and ministries in classes or during events.  Additionally, you are welcome to call the office or make an appointment with a Minister or Practitioner.

Prayer Support

If you need to talk or pray with someone there are Practitioners and Ministers available to pray for you during the week and after service on Sunday.  We offer a Healing Circle on the 1st Sunday of every month directly after service, and every Wednesday evening at 7pm.  You may also fill out a prayer request card and the Ministry of Prayer Team will pray on your behalf.

Getting Connected

There are many ways you can get connected. Ahiah offers many specialty ministries, workshops and special events to encourage

like-minded individuals to connect.  Our Accredited Classes are engaging and empowering programs to help you on your Spiritual

Growth path.

How to Volunteer

Service is a powerful spiritual practice that fosters compassion, generosity and gratitude. Volunteering provides an opportunity to share of your God-given gifts and talents and to make a difference in the world.  We offer a variety of service opportunities within Ahiah and with our Community Service partners that will connect you with a team of staff and volunteers who work together in the spirit of service.

Click to find out more about volunteer opportunities.

We are a spiritual community where you can gain spiritual tools to live the life of your dreams and to make the world a better place. Everyone is welcome here: young, old, single, families, people from all styles of life and interests. This is the place for us all. All faiths are welcome as we honor and practice spiritual truths from all religious traditions and philosophies. This is the place where we can gather to remember that in God, Spirit, the Infinite Source (however you want to label it), all things are possible,

to celebrate the growing awareness of goodness in our lives, and to care for each other as friends and companions. This is the place.

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