Prosperity at Ahiah 2021-22


Ahiah Pledge for 2022


The Ahiah Board of Trustees is planning the 2022 budget.  So far this year, 85% of the money that has been donated to Ahiah has come from those people and families who pledged to Ahiah for 2021.  Please indicate your pledge for 2022 by going to this link (CLICK HERE), or by filling out the Pledge Card that was mailed to you and returning it to the Center.  

When you pledge it assures that Ahiah will be able to continue providing a space for community and spiritual growth for individuals like you! Any pledge amount is accepted and we make sure to send you quarterly reports so you can track your giving. Everything you give is essential to how Ahiah continues to affect positivity in life as a whole!

Prosperity Program 2021: Awakening Abundant Living


In 2019 we had our Mastermind Groups meet in the homes of our congregants.  While this was very popular, due to COVID, we have decided to only meet at Ahiah or on Zoom this year. 


The purpose of these meetings is to uplift individual and communal spiritual connection. During the meetings we share our experiences of what our spiritual journey has meant; having loving space made FOR us and BY us. Come experience this amazing spiritual community!

Above are the times and dates of the meetings.  Please go to this link (CLICK HERE) to sign up for a meeting.