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Ahiah Pledge for 2024

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The Ahiah Board of Trustees is planning the 2024 budget.  So far this year, 80% of the money donated to Ahiah has come from those people and families who pledged to Ahiah for 2023.  Please indicate your pledge for 2024 by clicking the button above or by filling out the Pledge Card that was mailed to you and returning it to the Center.  

When you pledge, it assures that Ahiah will be able to continue providing a space for community and spiritual growth for individuals like you! Any pledge amount is accepted, and we make sure to send you quarterly reports so you can track your giving. Everything you give is essential to how Ahiah continues to positively affect life as a whole!

FAQ's about pledging

  • Q:  Why do we ask for a pledge?​

    • A:  Ahiah has many expenses that require fiscal planning.  It helps the Finance Committee and the Ahiah Board of Trustees to make decisions if we have a good idea of how much financial support we can count on from our community.

  • Q: Is this a contract that I am financially obligated to pay?

    • A: NO!  The amount you indicate is a pledged amount that you are expecting to give to Ahiah in 2024.  The amount can change at any time (higher or lower).  We ask that you let us know (send email to so that we can plan our budget to the changed amount.​

  • Q:  How does Ahiah know the money I gave is from me?​​​

    • A: Money given must have your name against it to count toward the Pledge.  We know who you are when you give with a check, contribute online, or put a cash contribution in an offering envelope with your name on it.

  • Q:  I gave money, but it did not appear against my pledge.  Why is that?

    • A:  Our congregation does many things with Ahiah.  Some are to allow us to have money for certain activities (like Angel Tree Project gifts at Christmas or money given to support sending our teens to Teen Camp), which is not counted toward the Pledge.  We also have events (Hollywood Bowl, etc.), classes (Foundations, Metaphysical Bible, etc.), and workshops (Energy Balancing, Kirtan, etc.) where money is given to Ahiah, which also does not count toward the pledge.   ​

  • Q: What money counts toward my Pledge?

    • Any donation given for the weekly Conscious Contributions on Sunday.

    • Donations that support our groups (like Women's Circle, Healing Service, Book Study, Beloved Community, Ubuntu, etc.).​

    • Donations that are received without a specific use for the money.

Ahiah Mastermind  Groups

Our Mastermind Groups are a space to discuss the prosperity teachings more fully and to give and receive support in your own prosperity.  Pick a Session, and then attend the four corresponding meetings at the time and dates given above.  Zoom meetings are at the normal Ahiah Zoom Room 

Mastermind  Handouts

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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