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Only on Zoom

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10 Weeks; Facilitated by Rev. Michael B. Lattimore MA & Marcia Bradshaw, RScP

Jan 27 - Mar 31 Fridays 3:00om-5:30pm PST


Discover hidden mystical meanings in the teachings of the Bible!


Our founder Ernest Holmes states, “We shall understand the Bible only when we approach it as a whole and discover the thread of unified teachings running its different text.” Learn the hidden truths in the Bible, its historical context, its deeper meaning, and how metaphysics plays a vital role.


This 10-week class will help you to gain a greater familiarity with both the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament of Jesus. Through readings, discussion and in-class exercises you will learn how to interpret the symbolism and parables found in scripture and find metaphysical meaning and personal wisdom. Explore the teachings of the Aramaic Yeshua in a new light.

Textbooks:  The Bible - King James Version, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, The Lamsa Bible


Required Reading: 

Ten Words That Will Change Your Life - Ervin Seale, Learn to Live - Ervin Seale; 


Additional (optional) Reading: 

A History of the Bible - F. Gladstone Bratton,

The Sermon on the Mount - Emmet Fox,

The Science of Mind - Ernest Holmes,

The Source - James Michener,

Let There Be Light - Rocco A. Errico,

And There Was Light - Rocco A. Errico.

taught by Rev. Scott Olson

The class starts on 1/17 and ends on 3/21. 

It is a Tuesday class from 6:30-9pm, fulfilling the Foundations requirement for qualifying to begin Practitioner training.


It is a Love Offering class ($15/class suggested). 

You can take it for free if you want. 

Join Rev. Scott in an 10-week class offering at Ahiah.  Beyond Limits is an entry-level class that explores our relationship with Spirit and gives us some tools for our Spiritual Toolbox.  The course explores our limiting beliefs, which are the ideas that limit our potential in life based on what our caretakers and society taught us, and also what we decided based on a limited understanding of the truth.  As we discover that we are Unlimited Spiritual Beings, we explore how to go beyond our old limits and explore new levels of Prosperity, Wholeness, and Joy.  Class starts on January 17th from 6:30pm to 9pm in our Zoom Room. 

Click below to join the class session.

Reading list:

How to Change Your Life by Ernest Holmes

(available online and in our bookstore)

or here is the amazon link -


Creative Ideas by Ernest Holmes

(available online and in our bookstore)

or here is the Amazon Link -

Classes to Come

Class Title                                         Credit Type                                         Facilitator

Spring 2023 

coming March 2023

Edinburgh Lectures                     Consciousness                          Rev. Scott Olson

Treatment and Meditation          Consciousness                          Marcia Bradshaw, RScP

Prac 1                                            Practitioner course                  Patricia Roach, RScP

Summer 2023 

coming June 2023

Foundations                                   Foundations                            Rev. Scott Olson

Power of Your Word                      Consciousness                        Patricia Roach, RScP

Fall 2023 

coming September 2023

Financial Freedom                         Elective                                   Rev. Scott Olson

Treatment and Meditation            Consciousness                       Marcia Bradshaw, RScP

Prac 2                                              Practitioner course                 Rev. Scott Olson

Thinking of becoming a
Religious Science Practitioner?

If you're interested in becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner
of the Science of Mind, it is required that you take at least
5 of the courses listed above. 
To begin the Practitioner courses one must complete a Foundations course, an Ernest Holmes Philosophy course, a History/Philosophy course, and 3 Consciousness courses OR 2 Consciousness courses and an Elective.
Treatment and Meditation must be one of the Consciousness Courses.
The chart below describes the type of credit each class counts towards.

Practitioner Training is done over two years of classes. 
Each year consists of three 10-week terms.  You must complete
the classes, pass a background investigation, and an oral panel
to become a Licensed Practitioner.

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