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Taught by Rev. Scott Olson

Class begins on January 9, 2024

Financial Freedom is the perfect class for people who are looking to understand how to use Prosperity Principles to better their life.  There is an old saying, that how we do our money is how we do everything.  I believe by creating a life where we use the spiritual principles of flow, circulation, and attraction in terms of our finances, we will also have a happier work life, better relationships, and a healthier way of living.  


Come to class, get to know a few new people at Ahiah, and start living the infinite potential that that is the Truth of each of us.  

It is a Love Offering Class  ($15/class recommended donation)

The class starts on Tuesday, January 9th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm only in our Zoom Room. 

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Taught by Marcia Bradshaw, RScP

The class starts on 1/24 and ends on 3/27.  It is a Wednesday class from 6:30-9pm with an additional option for attendance on Saturdays from 12:30pm-3pm. This class fulfills the Consciousness requirement for qualifying to begin Practitioner training.

The purpose of this course is to expand your foundation in the basics of the Religious Science teaching. Developing a strong treatment and meditation practice is key to deepening your spiritual growth and commitment.

Thinking of becoming a
Religious Science Practitioner?

If you're interested in becoming a licensed Religious Science Practitioner
of the Science of Mind, it is required that you take at least
5 of the courses listed above. 
To begin the Practitioner courses one must complete a Foundations course, an Ernest Holmes Philosophy course, a History/Philosophy course, and 3 Consciousness courses OR 2 Consciousness courses and an Elective.
Treatment and Meditation must be one of the Consciousness Courses.
The chart below describes the type of credit each class counts towards.

Practitioner Training is done over two years of classes. 
Each year consists of three 10-week terms.  You must complete
the classes, pass a background investigation, and an oral panel
to become a Licensed Practitioner.

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