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OctoSeptember 15th from 4pm to 6pm

At Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living - 150 El Molino Ave, Pasadena

The first PRANA MANDIR Kirtan in a beautiful new series which will include Music and Sound Healing, sacred yogic breath work, and chanting Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantras from the heart.

The program will begin with breath work for a one-pointed mind. The practice of pranayama, or yogic breath work, nourishes the internal organs so deeply that it has been called "the best form of exercise ever known!"

At the heart of the program, Kirtan, the chanting of sacred sounds, creates a vibrational cascade of healing in the body, mind and spirit. Kirtan is a form of community song and comes from the path of Yoga known as Bhakti, a direct experience of Universal Love. An ancient practice, rhythmic repetition of poems, sacred mantras, prayers and names of the divine bring us closer to a state of pure, heart-centered consciousness.

A beloved Swami wrote, "Every name is filled with countless powers. Sweeter than all sweet things, more auspicious than all good things, purer than all pure things, is the Name ( of the Divine )."


You don't have to know how to chant in Sanskrit or have a "good voice" for Kirtan. All voices join, creating a vibratory. healing energy.


Completing this evening's program, a Sound Bath is an inner journey of deep. restorative relaxation and auric rejuvenation. As Crvstal bowls and natural sounds are played, sound waves generate true somatic healing. Bringing relaxation through full-body listening, a Sound Bath only asks that you are present and open to receive. If you are new to the experience, there is little instruction and very few rules, but please do bring a blanket or shawl so that you can lay down and be comfortable.


This new program is part of the Ahiah Center's offerings to the spiritual community

Join Lea Kraemer. founder of Prana Mandir Yoga and a devotional chanter for many decades.

And Moni Vargas, artist, film maker; producer and Sound Bather

Devotional Chanting & Sound Bath Registration: $40/ suggested donation

Register with your donation at : 

or contact Lea directly with your questions and for assistance.

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