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Upcoming Workshops

February Workshops


Join Daniel on Sunday, February 5th, for an opportunity to discover your own intuitive gifts and awaken them through channeled guidance, energetic tools, breathwork, and meditation. Daniel uses channeled wisdom from his highest energetic frequency in combination with his own witnessing experience and training to invite the expansion of all participants. In this space, you will learn energetic foundations of cultivating your intuitive knowing and your energetic compass within. You will learn to discern what is in alignment with your sacred heart and your highest self rather than the conditioned ego mind. At your level of readiness, all emotion and belief conditioning no longer serving you emerges for release and your frequency naturally rises. The primary fears and limitations keeping you from remembering your true nature - your true Light - emerge in various forms for you to be with and move through, opening space for the Inner Vision to reveal itself.


The group will meet in-person for two hours to move through stages of guidance, tools, sharing, breath, and meditation, as well as comments and questions toward the end. All 'Be The Vessel' workshops cultivate a deep safety and resonance for participants to open wide, to surrender, and to let go of all that prevents access to the sacred heart. Opportunities to learn about ancestral lineage, past lives, and traumatic experience playing out in current circumstances may emerge if in alignment for the individual. From this place of collective frequency and shared lineage, all blockages ready for release are revealed and the seeds of Inner Vision are planted.

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In December, we had two great workshops that helped people to determine which of the nine types of the Enneagram they are.  In doing this, they understand their motivations in life a little better.  Now e will expand on the earlier workshops to take advantage of the Enneagram's ancient wisdom to help us live a more balanced and harmonious life.

Specifically, we will continue to understand our motivations by looking at which of the Wings we are drawn to and what that means.  We will also start to look at where we go under stress based on our type and which type we want to express more to be in harmony with our own internal motivations.

If you are new to the Enneagram, please get in touch with Rev. Scott at  We will set up a time to bring you up to date with the class.  

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