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Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena is an affiliated center with Centers for Spiritual Living.  We are a diverse, New Thought Center with a philosophy that incorporates the MAP – Meditation, Affirmation, Prayer.  We apply the MAP and other and other tools to support our spiritual life, to inspire positive thinking and to love unconditionally, authentically and deeply.

Our philosophy was inspired by American Mystic, Ernest Holmes, but his journey through New Thought includes influences such as Phineas Quimby, Emma Curtis-Hopkins, Mary Baker Eddy, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Thomas Troward, Charles and Myrtle Filmore, and Malinda Cramer.  These Way-Showers were guided by the mystical aspects of the Ascended Master’s teachings: The laws of Moses, the love of Jesus, the connection with the Christ Consciousness; the ethics of Buddha, the morals of Confucius and the deep spiritual realizations of the Hindus.


Charles Filmore founded Unity Church in 1891.  (It is still the largest New Thought Church in the world).  For the next few decades, pioneers of New Thought began to expand their audience and various centers began to emerge from the East Coast to finally Los Angeles.  Ernest Holmes regularly spoke at the Ambassador Hotel on metaphysical topics and the spiritual science of the mind.  

By 1925 he had to move to the Ebell Theatre because their 1300 seat capacity was able to accommodate Holmes growing followers.  By 1927, after establishing himself as a respected speaker and author of the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes founded the Institute of Religious Science and School of Philosophy, Inc., as a nonprofit religious and educational organization.

After having moved to the 2800 seat Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles and still having to turn people away, the organization reincorporated in 1935 as the Institute of Religious Science and Philosophy. That same year it acquired property at Sixth and New Hampshire Streets in Los Angeles, now known as “Founders Center for Spiritual Living”.  By 1943 there were eighteen such chapters, or churches, in addition to the Institute, and twenty practitioners were working at headquarters.

The rapidly-growing teaching organization decided to split operations and form a separate oversight for Ministers.  This never quite worked as envisioned, and ultimately the fraction resulted in another group that later became known as Religious Science International.  Only recently, in 2014 did both groups come together to form what is now Centers for Spiritual Living, which is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. 

Ernest Holmes believed in the survival of consciousness, that spiritual evolution and immortality were synonymous and that Jesus, when honestly reported, meant exactly what he said.  The influence of his consciousness provides continual inspiration.  His passion for metaphysics is as timeless as the Ascended Masters and as timely as the teachings of contemporary leaders such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Carolyn Myss, Eckhart Tolle and others.

Ernest Holmes
Founder, Religious Science
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Elizabeth Larson
1st Church of Religious Science Pasadena
Dr. Casey Gryba
Handbook for Healing
D.D. Craig Carter
Jack Addington
Charles D. Rose

Originally, our center operated under the name of Pasadena Church of Religious Science, and under the direction of Rev. Rose was changed to Ahiah Center for Spiritual Awakening.  In 2014, with the merger of the United and International Churches of Religious Science all centers joined to become what is now Centers for Spiritual Living.  At which point, Ahiah took on its current title:  Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena.  Appropriately, and in alignment with Ernest Holmes belief in spiritual evolution and immortality, the teachings, traditions and evolution continues! Throughout the years, the Church has been blessed to have been lead by only a handful of loyal ministers.  The ministerial turnover rate has been very low. The Center's Spiritual Leaders include Founder, Rev. Elizabeth Larson; Dr. Casey Gryba; Rev. Dr. Craig Carter, "Your Handbook for Healing", "How to Use the Power of Mind";  and  author, Rev. Jack Addington, "Joy of Meditation";  Rev. Charles Rose and currently, Rev. Scott Olson.

Scott 2_edited.png
Rev. Scott Olson

With the vision of Rev. Charles D. Rose, in July, 2016 Ahiah moved just a block and a half south to their current location at 150 N. El Molino.  The Center purchased the property previously occupied by the Self Realization Center – which was founded by Parahamansa Yogananda.  The building was already blessed with a sweet, serene energy, and as Ahiah continues in their new sacred space, it will also continue to be an inspiration for the spiritual community in Pasadena and beyond.

The Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living encourages and provides spiritual studies and wisdom talks that are inspired by our contemporary New Thought Leaders; our trail-blazers from the previous centuries and the teachings and philosophies of the mystical aspects of spirituality through time.  This New Thought is…Ancient Wisdom.

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