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What Does It Mean to Be a Member of the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living?

Committing oneself to membership is a fourfold commitment:

The first level is conscious growth. This means being willing to learn about and apply the Science of Mind and Spirit in daily life. Practice the spiritual practices of affirmative prayer (treatment), meditation, affirmations, gracious giving, visioning, and service. Embrace intentional spiritual and personal growth as a life-long journey.


Second is to truly join in conscious community with the existing church membership. Associating with those who are exploring and growing, those who see life as a spiritual experience, and honoring the call to share and cultivate a sacred place.

Third is entering into conscious service. This means deepening the level of participation with the church community from that of observer to owner through volunteering time and skill, attendance at social events, classes, workshops, etc. as appropriate to your life. And most importantly, to attend and participate in the Annual Membership Meetings and Gatherings.

Fourth is conscious giving. Transcending obligatory giving; embracing the opportunity to express greater abundance through supporting a vision that matters; realizing ourselves as an inlet for the unlimited abundance of God and lovingly choosing to become an outlet for God's Good.

Finally, to become a member, just click the icon below and fill out the form.  Rev. Scott will review your information and take it to the Board of Trustees meeting for approval.

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