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Something's Calling Me...

“Something’s Calling Me…”

“Something’s Calling me…a little bit deeper than I've ever been before…”

Do you know the words to this Jami Lula song?
“Something’s calling me, a little bit deeper than I’ve ever been before…”

It's one of my all-time favorite songs, and of course, Jami Lula is one of my favorite artists. Jami and his wife, Susi, have held a special place in my heart for many years. Their music and ministries have significantly contributed to my development as a lightworker and minister of God.

Somewhere it is written that “Many are called, but few are chosen.” I’m not so sure about that. I believe the Call goes out on a loudspeaker, but only a few dare to answer it.

Many think the Call is meant for someone else. Many let the phone ring, hoping it will go to voicemail. Others hope Spirit will forget about them and move on to the next person, claiming, “I’ve got too much going on to get sidetracked by this ‘Call’ business. It must be a mistake.”

Some will mutter, “Are you speaking to me, God? No, I think you mean that other person over there. I’m not ready for a Calling. I’m not the one. I’m not qualified.”

But what they don’t realize is that Spirit does not call the qualified, but qualifies the Called.

Each of us is born with a Calling. It’s something special about you that no one else possesses. It’s that unique quality, that gift, that special something that you have always known was yours alone.

It makes your heart sing when you do it. Even thinking about it makes you smile and excites you inside. It’s that special ray of sunshine that lights up your heart.

When you are in the vibration of your Gift, it moves those around you. It reminds them that the Divine has also planted Itself within them.

Some say it’s the realization of the Christ Presence within us that illuminates our inner Calling. Paramahamsa Yogananda writes in his book, “The Second Coming of Christ; The Resurrection of the Christ Within You”:

“...all souls who become united with Christ Consciousness by intuitive self-realization are rightly called sons of God.” He continues that “Self-realization is the knowing, in body, mind and soul that we are one with the omnipresence of God, that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence, that we are just as much a part of Him now as we will ever be. All we have to do is improve our knowing.”

In my 25 years of study and spiritual practice at AHIAH, I have come to believe that our mission at Ahiah CSL is to improve our knowing of our Oneness with the Divine. Some of the tools and practices we teach that change our lives are meditation, affirmations, and prayer, which we call spiritual mind treatment.

These tools, when used regularly, raise our vibration and frequency and allow us to commune with the Inner Presence by placing our thoughts on a higher plane. Practicing in community, my experience has been that this increases the effectiveness of our thinking and amplifies our feeling and knowing of our Oneness with the One.

As we elevate our consciousness to that higher vibration, we are able to commune with the Divine and hear, sense, and feel the Divine Presence and guidance from the realm of Love, rather than the realm of Fear. If you turn to TV or social media, which realm do you sense being broadcast “out there”? Love, or Fear? Exactly.

If you take the time to tune in to the inner broadcast, that transmission of silence within you, soon you will begin to sense the vibration of inner peace, the inner guidance, and the innate Knowing that you are a Divine Being having a human experience. You are on a special mission to be a broadcaster of the awakening taking place on planet Earth at this time in human history.

By showing up at AHIAH CSL, you have answered the Call of that mission.
For thousands of years, our ancestors have prayed for the birth of those who would answer the Call for the awakening of humankind. In Buddhist traditions, it has been prophesied that the bodhisattvas of the earth would return to fulfill their promise to help all human beings achieve enlightenment by awakening to their Oneness with the One.

In Centers for Spiritual Living, we call it our mission to create a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

At Ahiah CSL Pasadena, we are part of a beloved spiritual community that not only helps us awaken and live the life we have dreamed of, but gives us the medicine for our minds and souls that we can share with others.

We are each other’s medicine.

Welcome to the life we have always dreamed of. The only way we get to keep it is by giving it away. Make a call to someone close to you and invite them to fellowship with us.

Over the coming months, I look forward to us manifesting even Higher Heights for our Ahiah Beloved Community. Join me in a few weeks (June 23) as I share my Vision for our future together.


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