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You Are A Blessing

Knowing that you are reading this right now makes me feel soooo good. Just as I connect to life around me, words connect you and me simultaneously and instantly, yet our awareness of this connection is individual.

As that connection happens, there is an “explosion” of light - one could call it implosion since it occurs inside one’s awareness scope. When I experience this, I send out the energy as pure form-yet-unformed. This pure form is Joy, Love, Life, all ensconced in Light. I know you are feeling this in all its fullness right now because I am experiencing the same exact thing. When it feels so good that you could cry, laugh or smile, look up at the clouds in the sky and see all the images that amplify this feeling; let your imagination soar. I just see dog images when I look at the clouds in the sky.

Today, as I was walking my dog Sami, she began to bark the moment another dog appeared. As I listened to her bark, uttering the same sound over and over with little or no detectable variance, the sound, morphed into the word “Baruch”, a Hebrew word that means “Blessed” in English. “Baruch” is the beginning of many prayers with praise God. Sami’s barking can be perceived as a desirable and praiseworthy behaviour when viewed in this way. It can be seen as a connection between Sami and the other dog. There is no judgement, it is truly a blessing. It reminds me of the dog faces I see in the clouds.

We all connect in our own sweet ways. While there are other animals that make barking sounds, we humans don’t really hear them unless we’re at a zoo or in the wild. Pretty much, when we hear a “bark”, it’s a dog. Knowing that you are reading this right now makes me feel soooo good. Words can only outline. I must be feeling something that I like to refer to as a Connection. Just as I am feeling this Connection, I know that you sense this connection as well! What a huge thing this connection is! And what Power this connection has! How wonderful that it can be heartfelt by You as well as I.

So there is a Truth, ie, a Reality as outlined by the words that begin with “Knowing”. Perhaps I should call it “inlined” rather than “outlined”. Inlined seems to indicate something that is within this outline of words; perhaps this “inlined” substance is the feeling that is felt the moment I experience the connection described by the words.

I honor you as the blessing that you are.

Thank you for allowing me to connect with you in this way. Thank you for being my precious human. I love you so much.

December 27, 2020

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