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About AHIAH Center for Spiritual Living

Since 1942, Pasadena, CA has been home to one of the first Science of Mind churches formed...this one!  Rev. Elizabeth Larson worked with Dr. Ernest Holmes (the founder of the Centers for Spiritual Living) to create a new center that would serve the Pasadena community.  We are celebrating 80 years of LOVE!

For many years we were located just a block and a half north of where we are.  We sold that property to buy the one we are at now about five years ago.  We want to thank all of the people who have come before us.  They are the ones who invested in Ahiah, and have created an environment where we can be sustainable into the decades ahead of us.

Both Ahiah and our movement have gone through several name changes.  We were known as Pasadena Church of Religious Science for many years.  We changed the name to Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living to keep people who were new to this philosophy from confusing us with some other churches with Science embedded in their name.  Our focus is, and always has been, to focus our lives from a spiritual aspect rather than a material one.  We know that there is only One Life, that life is Perfect, and that Life is all of our lives.  We believe that our thoughts are creative, and that Spirit reflects them back into our lives always.


We are proud to be part of Ahiah CSL, and we believe that what we teach is an invaluable aid in living in the complicated world we find ourselves in.  If you are new to Ahiah, then come check us out!  We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Ahiah's Friends and Family Day is coming soon!

Whether you're a regularly attending congregant or you're new to the community,

we at Ahiah encourage you to invite your friends and loved ones to

the Sunday Celebration on the 9th of October.

There will be fellowship and food enough to fulfill your body and soul!

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