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                                                                            General Information

Thank you for considering candidacy for the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Board of Trustees. The Board serves an important role in keeping the vision of our community and determining policy that supports its growth. With the exception of filling a Board Vacancy, all Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term. The following information outlines the basic position requirements, expectations, nomination process, and election procedures, including key dates. If you want to be considered as a candidate for the Board of Trustees, please complete the attached questionnaire.

Please note that per our By-Laws, the fact that you have applied may be announced to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

All Nominees are asked to present a short Candidate Statement if they are selected for presentation at the annual Membership Meeting.   


                                                                SERVING ON THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Our Board is responsible for the fiduciary well-being of our ministry and ensures that the mission and vision of Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena is followed and on course. We are truly grateful for the service of the Ahiah Board of Trustees, without whom the success of Ahiah CSL Pasadena would not be realized.


As a member of the Board of Trustees, you have the opportunity to share your faith and affirm the Truth for Ahiah as we prepare for our future and maintain our present good standing.


If you have been a Member of Ahiah for at least one year and have answered the call to be in service for one or more of our many volunteer opportunities to serve our Center, please consider being of service on the Ahiah Board of Trustees.


Prayerfully consider if you are being called to serve in this manner. Please review and complete the application on-line.  Click this link:


The deadline for the receipt of all applications is Sunday, Feb 14, 2021.  The Election will be held at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

                                                                               Our Sacred Covenant

Our Identity as the Board of Trustees is to be completely humble, gentle, and patient with one another in love. We make every effort to keep the unity of Spirit through the bond of peace. We each perceive that we are one with all people and all are one with us. There is no separation. 


Our Vision is Unity Our Purpose is Expressing love through service Our Intentions are: 

1. To embrace spiritual principle and practice as the foundation of our activities.

2. To maintain a big picture awareness

3. To articulate our vision, values, and philosophy

4. To maintain a high level of service and stewardship

5. To be ambassadors of the Center

6. To communicate openly and regularly  

Basic Requirements:

  • One-year membership at Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena

  • Have taken at least two (2) Science of Mind classes or equivalent to be determined by the Senior Minister

  • Not an employee of the Center or have another family member on the Board

  • Business/financial experience and/or organizational skills

  • Ease with long-range planning

  • Committed to Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living Pasadena

    • Ability to give time and talent to the Center

    • Be an experienced tither: Consistent, identifiable giver who is giving a percentage of their income from a tithing consciousness.



  • Have an e-mail account available for frequent Board communications between Trustees and Staff.

  • Committed to completely fulfilling the three-year term

  • Attend Board meetings (usually the third Wednesday night of each month)

  • Possibly participate an extra tele-meeting or video meeting and commit to a yearly retreat

  • Actively contribute and participate in visioning and planning activities

  • Maintain visibility in our community by attending Classes and events at the center on a regular basis

  • Communicate and listen to all congregants and visitors

  • Attend occasional dialogue sessions with the Senior Minister or Assistant Minister


Nomination Process and Selection Procedures

  1. Notice of openings by the Senior Minister from the pulpit

  2. Applicant completes questionnaire and submits biography                                                            - to complete the application on breeze, click here

  3. Nominating Committee reviews applications – pre-screening

  4. Nominating Committee interviews eligible candidates

  5. Nominating Committee recommends final candidates to the Board

  6. Board reviews nominees and puts forward their recommendation

  7. Final slate of nominees is announced from the pulpit

  8. Nominees are presented to members at the Annual Membership Meeting

  9. During the Annual Meeting, additional Nominees may be nominated from the floor, provided that they have already applied and been reviewed by the Nominating Committee. 

  10. New Trustees are elected at the Annual Membership Meeting by the congregation. 

2022 Nominating Committee




Timeline for 2022

Timeline for 2022 is under construction

January 31, 2021

Applications are available and must be turned in by February 14, 2021


February 14, 2021

Applications Process Closed


February 19 thru March 3, 2021

Nominating Committee holds in-person interviews with applicants


March 14, 2021

Nominations are announced from the pulpit


Board Commitment Dates for 2021

March 28, 2021

Annual Meeting and Elections

Transition Meeting of Outgoing Board to Incoming Board


April 21, 2021

Incoming Board Training and Board Induction


Every 3rd Wednesday

Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ahiah Board of Trustees


Dates to be determined by the Board


Annual Board Retreat

Ahiah Ministry of Prayer and Leadership Retreat


For More Information Contact

Deborah Glik, Secretary                                                           213-706-6590


Mindy Morrison, President                                   818-669-9658

Myrna Hawthorne, Vice President           626-379-0633

Gloria Roberts. Treasurer                                    626-710-8208

A. Troy Mitchell                                           626-344-6434

Rev. Scott Olson                                        626-795-4216