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Peter Bedard

Vice President

Rev Rose
Vice President

Troy Mitchell

Board Treasurer


Annette Spence


At the age of 16, Annette Spence began her professional service with Law and Law Enforcement for the city of Chicago, Illinois. She worked in Federal and Local Courts and for attorneys dealing with civil and criminal law.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1968 and attended Cal State L.A. earning her Baccalaureate in Constitutional History and earned her Paralegal Certificate in Civil Litigation.  She served for 31 years as a Probation Officer for Los Angeles County.  Annette retired in 2008 and in typical fashion with her hard-work ethic, by 2014 she re-


emerged from retirement and started her own business, Vibrant Seniors which provides tours, trips and events, primarily in California.  Annette’s term on the Ahiah Board of Trustees is her first Board experience.  She willingly took on the responsibility to support the business affairs of the Center.  Her portfolio covers Membership; Events; Wills and Bequeaths. Additionally, she serves as the Secretary to Ahiah’s Abundant Business Community Networking Group.  She is always open to new ideas and suggestions.  Annette comes from a Southern Christian Baptist upbringing which ultimately led her to ask questions that were not clarified until her exposure to New Thought.  She combines her love of adventure; her abilities and wiliness to work hard to give her best in anything she endeavors.

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