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Accessing Inner Peace

A key feature of my intentional way of living is to be committed to a peace-filled life of joy and fulfillment. Consequently, my experience has been that life sends me messages that I am on the right path. From time to time my realization that I am in Earth school deepens, and I begin to become aware of what I call a “BFO” (A Blinding Flash of the Obvious)

Today in meditation, it occurred to me that we are not just humans inhabiting a single physical body, using our minds that inhabit a brain, but fully multi-dimensional beings deeply embedded in layers of complex relationships with ourselves, with one another, with Divine Spirit, with Mother nature and our ancestors.

Accordingly, there are multiple levels of conversations taking place simultaneously in our consciousness as race (as in human race) consciousness, self-talk, judgments, prayers, contemplations, and downloads from the ancestral realm. I suspect that is just the tip of the iceberg for we are truly complex beings and much of what we are experiencing beneath consciousness is just coming to the surface of our awareness.

If you have been paying attention to the news and media, including social media, you might have noticed that there is a lot of upset and judgment in the atmosphere right now. It sometimes feels like the entire world is clamoring “This is not right!” and like the tower of Babel, everyone is speaking their common language of distress and judgment.

In the esoteric mystery schools, it is often shared that out of chaos comes order and that the storming we are witnessing is actually the forming of a New Way, emerging from our collective consciousness as we evolve into the next version of humanity, awakened to our mission to serve the planet. In the Buddhist tradition, the story is told of the promise of the Bodhisattvas of the earth who will arise to help all beings attain enlightenment.

In the African indigenous tradition, the story is told of the One, dividing Itself into the Many, returning to the One. This reminds us that we emerged hundreds of thousands of years ago from the genetic Mother Eve and Father Adam, our African ancestors who brought forth the human family, planted within us a memory of our Oneness, knowing that our eventual realization of this medicine within us would heal us on our journey back to the Oneness.

Today I am re-learning that accessing that inner peace is dependent upon how aware I am of this ancient medicine within me and how its designed to reveal my inner well-being.

Much of my learning comes from doing that thing or witnessing that thing which disturbs my inner peace. I am like the person who went to the doctor complaining, “Doctor, Doctor it hurts when I do this!” and that Doctor, from the place of infinite wisdom admonishes, “Then, don’t do that!”

For example, when I am in communion with nature, listening to the butterflies in my garden, I can hear my prayer partner Ms. Adelaide whispering from the other side of life as the beauty of the butterflies serves as a conduit to bring her gentle voice into my minds ear.

When I am in awe of the images from the James Webb telescope, marveling at the sophistication and mystery of the universe, I can hear the echoes of the Most High whispering “That Thou Art” in my soul's ear.

When I am in prayer and remembering a friend who is in need of upliftment I can hear my friend's heart whispering words of gratitude for our connection and shared experience.

When I am sitting in the garden and feeling the warmth of the blazing sunlight upon my face, I can hear Mother Earth whispering into my ear how much I am loved and needed to spread the sunlight of Spirit across the world.

It is only when I take the time to turn within and access the many levels of communion taking place within me, that I can tune out the noise that is around me and know the Truth of my Being - that I exist on many levels of Divine Mind. I am More than I Know.

In these mystical moments, I can realize with my “real eyes” that “there is not a spot, where God is not” and that this loving Presence is within me, around me, through me, above me, below me, and most importantly, that I am in It – inseparable, infused and enfolded into the divine tapestry of Loving that Spirit has woven into every fiber of every existence.

And as I know this Truth for myself, I am knowing it for you. I am Knowing that right where you are, this Loving Presence, that goes by many names, is….Whatever circumstance or situation, challenge or opportunity is facing you right now, the Divine Presence is in it, holding for you the possibility that your Highest Good is being revealed.

So, in that next moment when you entertain a distressful thought or a fearful feeling, pause for a beat, and breathe into the moment. Know that this breath that is breathing you is the very life force of that One who has breathed itself into you, for life, for love, and for the upliftment of all humanity.

Take time to go within, so you don’t go without knowing the Truth…and Know that
You are the Light of the World.

Welcome Home.

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