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Allow the Wow Moment

You’re hiking the Rockies in Canada’s Banff National Park looking down from above at an inviting turquoise pond and all you can do is feel amazing. You call what you see majestic, breathtakIng, inspirational, and so on. The word “WOW” comes out of your mouth as if it was pushed out by that energy, that force, always there, seeming to come from out of nowhere. As you utter the word, you hear it as well. Feelings of love and joy fill you up as you speak. It’s almost as if it came from some exterior source. You spoke it, heard it and felt connected to everything all at once. In a sense, your experience breathed and lived through you. Most of us have experienced wow moments such as these; in fact, we seek out settings which promise them.

In moments of joy, release and ecstasy, tears and/or laughter can express these wow moments as well. We describe these expressions as outpourings. They feel automatically generated, arising from somewhere deep inside the soul. Often revelations or inspirations emerge; a task or project beckons for attention. We usually call it intuition, saying things like, “I have a hunch…”, “my gut feeling is…”or “something is telling me to…, etc.”. These feelings can be powerful and compelling.

Most of us are familiar with that Biblical story where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Think of how Moses must have felt. He had gone up on Mt. Sinai to meditate for on what was in store for him next in his life journey. When he opened his eyes, he knew that God was giving him the wherewithal to lead his people. He did not hear God from a loudspeaker; Moses simply listened to that still small voice inside. He was not afraid when he received that “instructional” download we have known for centuries as the Ten Commandments. What a “wow” moment this had to be for Moses! Whether we call it God, Intuition or Spiritual Download, the truth is that he not only became aware of what to do when he recognized that voice, miraculously the Ten Commandments burned into the two tablets. He, at once, accepted full responsibility as the leader of his people, thereby doing what was his to do at that time.

In order to allow the wow moment I know that I must activate the process. I must turn on a virtual switch in consciousness that only I can turn on. I do this when I walk Bella, the dog. Often, I am reminded to do this when I watch her sniff everything in sight. Sometimes, I experience this when I stop to smell a rose or when I see someone lit up from within, shining.

Giving a gift to someone you love can generate a wow moment. The other person might not even know you gave it to them, but you know. You felt something when the thought of giving entered your mind. Your thought immediately generated a good feeling inside yourself. You are feeling the same thing that the other person feels right now. You even feel the love welling up in them. Best of all, because you gave this gift, you are now receiving as well. Each time you do this, you have firmly planted yourself in the circle of prosperity. Wow! It’s a double wow moment!

Perhaps you are experiencing a “wow” moment as you read this. Stop and reflect on the feeling that may be welling up in you as it is right now in me. I am allowing this to be a wow moment just like when I was in Banff looking out at the beauty all around. My entire chest area feels warm, and at the same time I simply feel really good all over. I smile as I enjoy it all.

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