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Be The Greatness That You Are Meant to Be

I ran across a post in social media the other day that jumped out, demanding my immediate attention. You know, the kind of post that looks Red even though it’s just black and white print.

“Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give”.

The first part of this statement, “Your greatness is not what you have”, begs for something you believe you lack; the image of trying to pull in some “greatness” from somewhere outside comes to mind. You smugly smile in the seeming satisfaction of believing you will become “great” once you’ve pulled in some greatness, because you believe you do not have it and you simply want to have some of this greatness. Do you now feel that you can have this thing called “greatness”? Probably not, because it is not something you can have. Greatness is and must be recognized as a compliment of the highest level as it is given by one human to another. I can call you “great” because you do something that makes me feel you are great at what you are doing or what you do. Music, art, speaking, etc. In other words, you can become great at something you do, but this greatness is not a thing that you have; it is a way I can hold you in high regard. You have talents, skills and gifts, plain and simple. They are not great in and of themselves; they simply
“are”. They are points in your life navigation system as a human. When you allow, Spirit acts upon these skills, talents and gifts according to your awareness and belief.

Many other terms allude to “greatness” such as “famous”, “amazing” and “gifted”. Can one decide to be famous? Did you awake one day and decide that you are gifted? Are you amazing because you decide so? The answer to each question is the same. As in greatness, these terms are descriptions, not actual things. They describe the highest level of a talent, gift or skill, but they are not the talent, gift or skill. When Spirit acts on these skills, talents and gifts, I am perceived as “shining my light”. As I shine my light, I may attain greatness in the eyes of those who are in my field. The perception of greatness is the response by others; when I create music with my voice or an instrument, others (the listeners) instantly receive my light. It’s like a flash that goes off in your head. Can you see the flash go off ?

In this moment, the instant the flash illuminates the receiver and the giver, both the practitioner and the listener are lit up. This is the evidence of GREATNESS. Should the receiver “see” this evidence, ie, become aware in Consciousness, that listener may refer to the musician as being a “great” performer, thus alluding to greatness as an attribute of the performer. The performer
has not actually given any greatness to the listener; the giver has simply realized the performer's gift at the level of the receiver’s perception of greatness.

The second part of the statement (please refer to paragraph 1) : “…but what you give (the idea that greatness is what you give), infers that you must already have greatness in order to give it. If you do not have any greatness to give, you would be lacking greatness, and therefore, would be unable to give any greatness. To clarify, greatness is a description, not a gift, not a talent. Talents and gifts are part of the makeup of each human being. While it is not possible to give greatness, this greatness can be received by another human being as a gift. This gift, described by the receiver as greatness is the result of the instant God-connection experienced and felt by both the giver and the receiver at the moment the receiver receives what the giver is giving. The Godconnection Cause from the giver can be art, music, written word, oration, etc.; as this Godconnection
is in the One Mind, it can and must be described as greatness by the receiver. This is the cellular-level vibration sensed and felt by the receiver and giver in that sacred moment of
connection. It is an explosion of light.

In conclusion, then, the key word in this whole thing is “Give”. My talents, gifts and treasures are how I give, how I shine my light; as I shine my light, you receive this light. You can’t help but shine, so now you are shining your light back to me when you call attention to my “greatness” by calling me “great”. Now I am lit up again, having received your light. This cannot be helped. It is the way Spirit works, like a big Circle, ever expanding and eternal. By Giving, you become the greatness you are meant to be.

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