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Becoming Spiritually Honest

Spiritual honesty requires me to let go of control; to release my perceived control of others and even myself. When I stop controlling, I am no longer concerned with who likes me. I no longer worry about being good enough. The habit of judging, or feeling judged, no longer occupies my thoughts and my mind is loosed. I become free!

When I am practicing spiritual honesty, I become vulnerable and fully present, I drop any defensiveness, and I let the Love of the Divine flow though me unhindered. I am becoming me, the ever evolving, growing, learning, and loving ME as a holder for the Divine.

A key to spiritual honesty is to not avoid, to not walk away, to not hide. If you find yourself avoiding, running away from, or hiding then you are not engaged in spiritual honesty. If you medicate, shove down, or deny a feeling, hurt, or trauma, in any way, whether it is taking a yoga class or having a drink, or even hiding a tear, then you are participating in spiritual denial. Spiritual honesty requires vulnerability. It requires a willingness to be seen as flawed and the strength to say thank you to criticism. The Ego quiets when this happens and Divine Peace flows into us. We are released from bondage, released from the shackles of defensiveness, released from the stories of our past. Suddenly, the heart is restored, the mind is cleared, and we become stayed in Love.

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