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Being the Change

Choosing to be the change we wish to see in the world is easier said than done. Have you ever tried speaking up for love, oneness and peace while living through a global pandemic and a civil rights revolution in a seemingly politically divided country? Many of you know that it’s possible, but not easy.

When I first learned of the concept of “being the change”, I leaned into it. As a half-black, half-Jewish lesbian, I believed that the intersectionality of my identity helped me serve as a voice for unity in a lot of different communities. I thought I was doing a great job of being a champion for diversity and inclusion...until 2020.

The current state of the world has revealed a lot about myself, my wife, friends, family, and community. I discovered that even though I openly announce my identities, I rarely talked about how it actually feels to be a queer, mixed race woman of color in America. I also learned that I’ve been harboring all kinds of internalized racism.

I decided to heal my own internalized racism by taking classes, reading books and participating in multiple online healing circles for BIPOC people, including the Ubuntu Circle at Ahiah. I chose to initiate uncomfortable conversations with my wife, family, friends and community about race. As the change I wish to see in my world, I have inspired my friends and family to participate in these conversations with me publicly through Spirit Uncensored’s Sunday Night Live events on Zoom.

On November 8th at 5p PT, my uncle Gary and I are leading a conversation about unity and civility in America. This is my first time leading a conversation like this with a white family member, especially one with very different beliefs than mine. Even though it’s terrifying to lead this conversation on the Sunday after our presidential election, I choose to have faith that this event will unfold perfectly. It has to. This is how the universe works.

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