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Boldly Living a New Story

The world as we know it has fallen away. Now that the global pandemic is almost over, many of us are tentatively stepping back into the world. Ahiah is open for live services and the congregation has begun to sprinkle in. Whether you’ve been fully vaccinated, waiting for vaccination, or do not plan to get the vaccine, you are experiencing a new story. Will you boldly live your new story? Or will you choose to live in fear? Ultimately, the choice is yours.

The concept of “normal” that we once knew, no longer exists. You are living in a unique time in history where you have the power to choose what “normal” looks like for you. Do you want to work and find community in virtual spaces? Do you want to be out in the world? Maybe you’re enjoying a combination of live and virtual experiences. Right now, the world is currently designed for you to choose to write your own story. There are no barriers in front of you. The world of possibility lies ahead.

You are co-creating your experience of life with Spirit. All you need to do is to set your intention and the universe will follow your lead. The best place to start is with this question: “What does your new story look like?” Spirit within you will help you identify the answer. God is your source, your power, and everything you need to live the life of your dreams.

If you are reading this newsletter, you have already chosen to be open to a concept of God that falls outside of the norm. You are already living a bold story by choosing to engage and participate in a Center for Spiritual Living. Something within you inspired you to seek a definition of God that’s different from the common narrative that’s been fed to us for thousands of years. To some extent, you are already living your own story boldly.

Ahiah is here to support you with identifying your story and support you with living it boldly. In addition to Sunday services, you can drop into Rev. Scott’s Power of Your Word class, join Prayer & Conversation Monday-Saturday at 9a PT, or the Healing Circle on Wednesdays at 7p PT. You have all of the knowledge, inspiration and resources needed to boldly live your new story. Now, you just have to live it.

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