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Called To Love

Lately everything in my life has become a call to love. A call to heal. A call to live more in the teachings of Science of Mind. A call to be mor patient, kind, compassionate, all of it. Quite honestly, it’s a beautiful experience and, quite honestly, it sucks!

It’s beautiful because the healing flows when I look at life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, through this lens. The lens that everything I do is an opportunity to grow, learn, expand, and raise my vibration; raise myself up to a higher consciousness. It sucks because it’s a lot of work, constant work, constant self-awareness, constant presencing in life every day, always. Presencing is a made-up word that I think needs to be added to the dictionary. It is a blend of two words, “presence” and “sensing”. These words blend together to form a new meaning, the ability to sense and bring into the present your highest potential right now.

Every time someone drives badly around me, cuts me off on the freeway, I have the opportunity to choose love or anger. Every time there’s a misunderstanding, I have the opportunity to be kind. Every time I feel scared, threatened, or simply turn on the news, I have the opportunity to take a deep breath and know that we are all on our own sacred journey and that the Universe Is unfolding, revealing itself, exactly as it needs to. Not my will but God’s!

Lately, I’ve been speaking at various spiritual centers, from Yucca Valley, California to Yuma, Arizona. I’ve used the talk title, “Called to Love, Even when You’re Triggered, Even When You Don’t Want To” and every talk has been drastically different. The content of my talks has been super different but the ending note, that everything we experience in life, from physical pain to our interactions with other people, is a calling to Love. We can choose to hear that calling or we can stick our head in the proverbial sand.

I know there are saintly people out there that live and breathe Love but, I’m not one of them. I’d like to be that…maybe one day? For now, I can be resentful. I can feel wounded. I can think unpleasant thoughts about what I would do to some people. I can be self-righteous. I can be very “human”! Because of this, I stop myself, take a deep breathe and I say to myself, “This is my opportunity to bring more Love into the world. This is my opportunity to practice Faith. This is my opportunity to choose Freedom over fear, possibility over stagnation.”

These are my opportunities to practice presencing, to know and allow my highest potential in this moment right now.

There are times that I really struggle with choosing Love. Like, when I feel my rights are being taken away or when I feel attacked. I so want to Love the person that is espousing hate but on the human level I can’t seem to do it. So, I close my eyes, choose to have Faith, and I say, sometimes out loud, “From my highest Self to your highest Self, I Love you!” I exhale, breathe again, and do my best to let it all go. I breathe in and out my highest potential right now. I choose Love. Won’t you join me?

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