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Earth School is Now in Session

In this moment, I am reminded that I have a choice while I am in Earth School. I can take everything that happens for my growth, upliftment, and learning. Or I can choose to judge, criticize, complain, or attempt to control people, places and circumstances.

Each moment offers an opportunity to choose that yields a result for learning. I can either learn from those results and make new choices, or I can repeat the lessons of the past over.

In normal school, the teacher gives us a lesson to study and afterwards we get a test.

In Earth School we get the TEST first. And then we learn the lesson. Or not.

If we pass the test, we can store the learning in our wisdom bank. If we don’t pass, we will see that same test again.

In Earth School I can choose to reframe my description of events in my life from being a curse – into being a Blessing.

In Earth School, I can choose to see what looks like rejection as Divine protection.

In Earth School, I can choose to see what looks like an obstacle as mere inconvenience.

In Earth School, I can choose my playmates, my playgrounds and my playthings.

I can also choose to change any of them whenever I want.

When I am tempted to judge others or their circumstances, I can choose to ask myself, “What is this situation reflecting back to me about myself?” or “Considering that the judgment I have about what’s outside of me, could really be about something that is INSIDE of ME, what could be my learning here?”

I get to choose whether to play the game called “Aint it Awful?” knowing that “If I Spot it, I’ve Got it!”
I can choose compassion and empathy, realizing that I too am eligible for that game called, “I’m Upset Because…”

I get to choose Inner Peace, being reminded that the war outside of me is a call to heal that war “inside” of me.
I get to choose to accept the lesson and look for the Blessing, realizing that the Divine Mother-Father God is always extending Her blessings upon me.

Today I remember to “Pray without ceasing”.

For me, that means to allow myself to hang out in the vibration of the 5 steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment:

1- Recognition - “God is..”no matter what it looks like, God is, was and will always Be.
2- Unification – “I Am…” Because God is, I AM . Right where I Am, God is. God is everywhere present.
3- Realization – “God Knows and God Shows...God is always in the business of doing the Good that God does, handling God’s business. and that means handling everything and everyone.
4- Thanksgiving – “Attitude of Gratitude…” I choose to say Thank you Holy Presence, for the learning and the upliftment and the growth being revealed in my life. Thank you for the demonstration taking place in my life in this very moment.
5- Release – “I let Go and Let God…” I release my need to control, criticize or complain. I turn it all over to the Divine, accepting that it’s not my business to handle.
After taking these steps, please Rinse, Wash and Repeat.

Allow these lessons from Earth School to permeate your Soul in this moment.

“Choose who you shall serve on This Day” says the scripture.

Will you serve that crazy roommate in your head narrating that horror story of judgement and criticism? Or will you choose instead to serve that still small voice inside of you, reminding you to turn within, to listen, and to follow the urgings of your heart to create more love, more kindness, and more Light in this world?

Welcome to Graduation day!

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