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Freedom is Non-Attachment

Sometimes when the Heart gets involved in temporal things, feelings and emotions join in
to offer support. Out-manifestations of these can include things like Joy; or tears, anger, hate,
worry and more. Expressing anger, for example, whether spoken or physically, allows and
enhances continued manifestation of that anger. Escalation of this emotion can result in violent
demonstrations to oneself or another.

Just observe the Ukraine/Russia conflict or the January 6 attack against our United States
Democracy for current examples of “anger hotbeds”. When observed from a distance, these can
become enlivened smoldering firepots, anxiously awaiting re-ignition, ever increasing to reach
new levels of pain and despair.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to return a payment by a client because of an overpayment.
Immediately, I began feeling something other than peace in my mind, and my body felt some
stomach flutters along with the thoughts. It was unexpected and it came as a complete surprise.
I already used that money to pay a bill. Judging thoughts that did their best to overload my
filtering circuitry, in their attempt to disturb me, include:

* I don’t have enough…
* They can’t do that to me.
* I better not spend any money til this crisis is over.
* Oh no, I’ll have to take money out of savings!
* What did I do to deserve this?
* Whose fault is this? Not mine!
* How can I enjoy my life now?
* I guess I won’t be able to enjoy my life cause once I pay it back, I won’t have enough.

Not one of these thoughts is an original idea. They just appeared from that vast thought
storehouse we call the collective unconscious mind. What do I do with them all? I could convert
these thoughts to “what if ” statements such as “What if I don’t have enough”? Then they
become thoughts that are not even in the present time. They have not even happened! I do not
want to become doubtful or angry. What I must do is change my mind from being an expression
of fear, doubt or anger to a fountain of love, gratitude and acceptance.

First, I remember that all of these are heartfelt emotions which I choose to express. I open
my heart to love. The judgemental thoughts dissipate as quickly as they appeared. They just
aren’t there anymore. By focusing on the reality of an underlying principle of energy indwelling
us all, further manifestations of judgemental urges will be curtailed. The very idea of paying
back an over-payment becomes just that. I simply pay it back! There are no questions to ask, no
doubting thoughts.

Right now, what are you expressing through you? Are you Glad, Mad, Sad? Just recognise
it and answer the question. When you do this, you are allowing the Divine Presence in you to
forgive yourself. You are no longer angry or mad or sad. This is my choice. The time is now
that I allow the Love to let me laugh and cry tears of Joy just because I can!! Anger and thoughts
of helplessness and despair and sadness are just ideas that I choose not to accept now. I am not
attached to those thoughts that entered my consciousness; I am always free to express and I
choose to express love in this moment!

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