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God Is All There Is

This week we are reviving our Spiritual movie night from the AHIAH Zoom room on Friday at 7pm After an extended hiatus, it has become our heartfelt desire to come together again and share our learning from spiritually themed movies.

Ahiah Movie Nights began close to 20 years ago as a Season for NonViolence event and for the first few years we would launch the 64 day season commemorating the Life work of Mohandas Gandhi by showing the 3 hour film “Gandhi”. We would view the film over 3 sessions and then host a Conversation Cafe each session afterwards to discuss the learning in the film.

The movie nights evolved into viewings of “The Secret”, “What the Bleep” and numerous other inspirational films over the years that followed.

The pandemic interrupted our momentum until folks began to express that they “missed the Movie Nights!”

A few weeks ago our practitioner Alfajiri McDonald shared the link to the preview of a profoundly educational film series about our Superpower of Intuition.

In Religious science we recognize Intuition as the “voice of God in humankind”. Each of us has had an experience of that still, small voice within us that Knows and leads us even when the rational mind can not explain the guidance.

Often we learn most when we fail to listen to our Intuition and find ourselves saying later “ I KNEW I should have listened to my spirit…”

But as we come to trust our intuition more, we find that exercising it is like a muscle and it seems to grow stronger with each use.

Sometimes it grows so strong that it will not let us rest until we follow its guidance. We feel a sense of peace when we know that we have been true to the voice of the Divine within us.

Listening to this Intuitive Gift can guide us into new Life Work, new spiritual practice, new relationships and to living our Best Life!

The film we are viewing is the multi-episode SuperPowerfilm titled “Ignite Your Intuitive Intelligence” and the 1st segment is titled “The Power of the Intuitive”.

One of the themes expressed (among many) in this segment is the realization that we are all energetically connected and that by helping to relieve the suffering of others, we relieve our own suffering.

It testifies to the scientific studies that confirm what we as metaphysical students have known all along, that there is One Life, and we are all connected to that One Life.

After the viewing of this first segment, we will host a Conversation Cafe to discuss our learnings and the resultant healing that occurs when we embrace Truth.

Join us on Friday night and bring a friend. Simply join the Zoom Room at at 7pm. See you there!

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