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Good Morning

Don’t you just gushingly awaken when someone bids you “good morning”? Your smile arcs
wide as you receive this bounty from Spirit as It speaks through her/his Breath, lovingly created
just for you.

Morning is that wonderful time of delight, awe and gratitude - appreciation of all there is.
It is renewal, transformation and Love all at once. It can be a time of great awareness and
receiving. Flowers begin their days by opening, just as we open our eyes. Flowers stretch and
reach for the sun just as we stretch our bodies and limbs as we awaken.

One recent December morning, as I walked with Sami, my 14 year old Che’weenie, I
encountered a man walking in the opposite direction. Knowing that some might be intimidated
by Sami, I moved a bit to my right as this man and I passed one another. Then this happened:

In a flash of light, he and I, strangers, smiled, gazed into one another’s eyes and uttered
these words, one of us, then the other: “GOOD MORNING”.

That act turned on the God-switch as we sent each other some “brother-love” (loose
reference to Nietzsche, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”); we allowed Spirit to send forth from our
hearts, the loving breath of exhalation; simultaneously receiving each other’s Spirit-sent Love.
This love connectivity is really just waiting for Itself to be acknowledged by you or I. It’s like a
stream of light waiting to be seen, a heavenly sound waiting to be heard, an ecstatic feeling
waiting to be felt.

This idea of the “God-switch” is a constant theme for me these days. Sometimes, all I do is
contemplate and practice this by reaching out to all whom I encounter. The contemplation time
prepares me for the act of reaching out. This has become an act I enjoy and look forward to.

When I am open and receptive, these encounters often guide me to something new and they
reveal answers to questions I may have.

On the first day, this new year of 2022, on another walk with Sami the doggess, I had a few
encounters. Six of them on this walk. Some were workers working at their jobs; one of them
was inserting bolts into a template plate as I passed. I smiled at him though he did not look up.
Next, a father was teaching his young daughter about awareness and how things work; again they
did not look up, yet I smiled as I passed them. At that moment, just floating around, walking my
dog, smiling and feeling good. I was not totally sure what year it was, nor was I thinking about
today being New Year’s day. To me, it was just another nice day. Another good day. Then this
A neighbour wished me “Happy New Year”. I hesitated before replying. It seemed absurd;
why was this guy saying happy new year? And then I said,
“Good Year”!

That’s right, I just said “good year” like saying good morning to someone. My neighbour
smiled at that. The words “good year” kind of slipped out of my mouth. And yes, I allowed
them to be spoken by me, so I take responsibility for having uttered them. Once I said the words,
I felt good about them and began to understand, perhaps, why I said them instead of saying
“Happy New Year”. So did my neighbour. The smiles full of sunshine radiating back and forth
between us at that moment was the proof. I know cause I was there!

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