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Healing From Within

The world spins and we revolve around with it. Humanity evolves and we, collectively, become more aware, more connected, more at one with the world around us, the world that nurtures us, the world we all live in.

Events arise that affect us all. Now a worldwide pandemic surges through cities, communities, and families; a warming earth causes the ice to melt, waters to rise, fires to burn; and deep social differences and disparities continue to divide.

How tethered we are we really, to one another? All in this together, as we catch our breaths and stop our fall, together.

Healing is key, unifying ourselves and others, guiding us to face our demons and master this moment in time, turn it around, ride in the tide, stem the mayhem. True healing always comes from within.

My own life experience taught me how healing happens from within. When I was young and lived in Africa, illness was all around and easy to contract. A bite of a mosquito, a walk in the wrong puddle in the middle of a deluge, eating the wrong thing, could quickly turn into fevers and chills, infections and rashes and gastrointestinal distress, or things that could potentially kill.

Find a cure, take a pill, get a shot, but most important use your wits, collect your thoughts and stay the course and go within. Commune with one’s body, talk to one’s cells, push out those invaders who dared to come in. Acknowledge truth and gather your forces and yes the light and the energy within will kick in, let the healing begin.

Later in life other challenges arise. Chronic hardship, unabated worry, a life threatening condition, a large disaster, a life changing circumstance. Different demons. Different responses. True healing always comes from within.

So life moves us forwards, and sometimes back, and we are pulled towards a vision, a mission, a goal, a specific life track. Sometimes easy, sometimes hard, it defines us and makes us truly alive, as we push and pull towards the light, while exigency and necessity transform us to be strong, resilient, whole.

Spirit shows us the way out, and the way in. Inside out and outside in. We find our soul’s purpose, path, power, will to live, infinite wisdom moving us forward, to our next stage, to our next realization. True healing always happens from within.

Our teachings exist not only for us but for everyone’s good. Now we are linked, we will find a way to reach out through the haze and the dust and the mire, fill our lives with truth and freedom and goodness and hope, loving all who exist no matter their plight. True healing always comes from within. And the earth spins.

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