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I Open All My Gifts

God is, I am. I open all my Gifts

I am blessed with Gifts internal and external as I recognise them in consciousness. The idea of
“Knowing” comes to mind. What is “known” is revealed in consciousness as if it was planted
there, yet there it is. I joyfully open all my gifts. As I open each one, the Truth shines out and at
once I know all there is to know.

Lives, each precious, entwine and reveal stories, common threads and light. As I unwrap my
gifts, light begins to seep through the wrapper. At once it is light, the substance of eternity
revealed. It is our Light as it has always been and as it always will be. (GIFT).

Like, yesterday for instance. It was a hazy, cool morning - nice meditation in the garden
(GIFT). Later, a wonderful talk with my sister. (GIFT). Then, a great time playing music with 9
amazing humans who chose the same moment to shine their light. (GIFT). Besides enjoying
myself immensely playing with these musicians, there was an “other-worldly” energy present.
One might say, the room was “lit up”. This is the Truth of Creative expression. (GIFT).

Recently, I listened to the great pianist, André Watts perform Beethoven’s 8th Sonata for piano,
otherwise known as “The Pathetique” (GIFT). There is a deep vibration in this piece which
resonates and vibrates the foundational source, akin to the Soul. (GIFT). My recognition of this
is when my body just accepts It and I feel it. (GIFT). As I allowed this music to fill me, I
became aware of some tears on my face. I was “in” It, It was all around and in me at the same
time. I knew what “It” was, there was no question. I just received this Good unconditionally.
Yes, I opened and unwrapped this wonderful gift. (GIFT).

At the time, I had no idea that I would play this same Beethoven Sonata on my wonderful
piano. It had been out of tune for a long time. As much as I love playing it, I could not for a
long time because it was not in tune. I am still talking about gifts here. This gift was a signal to
get the piano tuned. My piano tuner for over 30 years tuned my 1934 Chickering Parlour
Grand around the same time I heard the Beethoven on the radio. Drew Lesso had resurrected
my piano. GIFT! The bass strings were calling me to play them. I couldn’t wait. I raced back
home from the band rehearsal.

I parked and as I walked up the sidewalk to my front door, the most amazing fragrance greeted
me - it was the sage, lavender and rosemary. (GIFT). When I entered, the freshly cooked garlic
and dinner replaced all other thoughts, plans, whatever. This was my gift and I lingered with it
slowly opening to the light I share with my wife. (GIFT).

I am grateful for all my gifts. Tonight as I got in the bathtub, the water was really hot. The
sensation I felt was “pain”. As I experienced this sharp painful sensation in my legs, I gradually
sat down in the hot water. All the while, I thanked my body for alerting me, even though my
response could have been a reaction to pain. Once I recognised the pain as an alarm, the pain
was no longer there. Just like that, it was gone! (GIFT). I completely forgot to play my beloved
Beethoven - must have needed the sleep.

Today, I awoke to more gifts. My wife agreed to go with me to find something nice for Mother’s
Day. (GIFT). When it was time to go, she had become so engrossed in what she was doing
that she opted not to go. Aah, another gift; unwrapping this one makes me so filled with Joy!.
Don’t get me wrong, I love doing things like this with her and we do stuff all the time - have
been for almost half a century. No, this gift was so precious. I get to do this myself, it will be a
surprise now, it’s another gift to unwrap. Here I go.

I immediately found a parking space near my favorite jade place, or should I say palace?
When I walked to this magical address - 412 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles 90012,
numerologicaly a “7”- my gift was just opening and opening right before my eyes, in ways not
foreseeable, yet familiar and welcoming as this strange and gentle man unlocked and opened
the door.

I simply walked in, that’s all I did; but I found myself once again in this treasure trove where
another man waited on me as the owner finished up a transaction with another. I observed as
many hundred dollar bills exchanged hands in a short few minutes. While I waited, I looked at
all the beautiful jade things, old and new. There were beautiful stools and tables. I did not feel
like I was being rushed or that it was taking too long. It was wonderful to be there at that
moment. (GIFT).

When I arrived back home, the piano called me to play Beethoven. (GIFT). I played the entire
sonata, feeling Beethoven throughout my Body, Mind and Soul. Beethoven played my fingers,
hands, arms, mind, eyes! My piano bass strings resonated like Beethoven intended when he
wrote it. When I finished, something shifted. There were tears. (GIFT).

God is, I am. I open all my Gifts

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