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Living an Extraordinary Life

It’s easy to live an ordinary life. Just eat, breathe, and go about your business as if nothing matters. Find your herd on social media, and wander around with the rest of them. But we are not meant to live an ordinary life. I know this is true because we are each an individualized expression of the Divine, made in the likeness of all Life. Spirit is not ordinary, and neither are we.

We have to remember that we take a step toward being ordinary every time we step back from our true potential. To become extraordinary, we have to move forward. The question is, what direction is forward for us? How do we know what we are supposed to be doing and which choices are we supposed to make?

I have found that I can only go so far when I am doing it alone, like a gunslinger in the Wild West. I am not saying that we must partner with other people, but I am suggesting that the ultimate guide is Spirit. To follow Its lead, we have to let go of the part of us that has to have things show up in a particular way. It also helps to allow the final goal to move around a little bit so that its path will be available.

To let Spirit show me the way, I have to let go of what I am now to be ready to be what I will become. Letting go sounds like the simplest thing to do. We are struggling to hold onto what we are, and letting go is just coming to a place of Peace inside. How hard can that be? It is not difficult, but we have to make one fundamental change.

Our American culture has made us into wanting machines. We allow our desires to drive us through our days and even down dark alleys, leading to disaster. We don’t know any other way of being, so we continue to watch TV and see all of the things that we don’t have so that we can add another item to our very long wish list. We learned to live like this by watching everyone around us doing it. To let go, we have to move from wanting to being.

The simple question is, “Who have I come here to be?” and it most definitely is not, “What do I want to be?” Our soul will answer the first question. I have to be still and listen to hear the answer, which is the well-known secret to meditation and contemplation. We must allow ourselves to become quiet enough to get past the ego’s yelling and Facebook’s insidious intention to get us to want what our neighbors have.

An extraordinary life is our birthright. Our soul has always been whispering for us to live that life. Are you ready to take a step forward? It is a choice that only you can make. Will this moment become Day One on a new journey, or are you going to relegate this idea to someday? Only you will know the answer to that question.

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