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Manifesting Your Life

We spend a lot of time, resources and effort figuring out how to manage our lives. Eventually most of us get to a place where our lives seem to run almost automatically. Survival issues mastered, now we can manifest more opportunities that move our lives into what it is we want. Sometimes, our choices can negatively impact our lives.

About fifty years ago, an intention I had manifested, turned into a prison term on a drug trafficking charge. This was the outcome of my intention to sell drugs as my income source. In this way, I thought I could live comfortably without having a legitimate job, or so I believed. It wasn’t long before DEA agents arrested at my house. I had allowed and nurtured my initial thought-my intention, to the point that I had a nice apartment, enough money, I ate well and I enjoyed playing music and hanging out with friends. It was against the law. I manifested prison. Now I needed to manage my survival again; manifesting intentions had to take a back seat while I served time.

My life began moving away from survival issues once I was given a parole release date. I could now return to manifesting my life. As soon as I manifested a job and place to live, they moved me to a halfway house. When I met a certain lady, a new manifestation was at hand. My intention was to get married and have children. The small still voice inside told me that this was the right thing to do and I would “settle down”. This happened. Now that my management of survival issues was back on automatic, I could once again begun aware of what I wanted to manifest in my life. A couple years later, my two children, my wife and I became a nice little family.

Now I was manifesting my life full speed ahead. I had faith and I knew that the outcome of my faith is the certainty that my intention will be realized. I knew that I could do what ever I put my mind to do. When the idea of buying a house entered our minds, it quickly became an intention. One night, my wife dreamt about a house. The next day, we drove around a certain neighborhood until we found the house! We bought it as soon as we could arrange financing. We did not question this in any way. We had faith.

Soon after we bought the house, I left my job to accept a sales manager position at another contractor, who wanted me to created a remodeling division in his insulation company. Until then, I had only set up appointments on the phone for salesmen; I had no in-home sales experience. Thankfully, the new company gave me two weeks to get my life in order. I needed a new wardrobe, but most importantly, I needed some sales experience and training. During this time, besides attending a sales training class elsewhere, I took some leads for myself and sold a couple. My boss was happy as the company made money on the contracts. By the time the two weeks had passed, I was ready for my new job.

I call what I did next “creating something out of nothing”. In Science of Mind, we sometimes call this process “manifesting an intention”. The something that I created out of nothing began when I was training my telemarketers to create leads for home improvements at my new company. I began by calling a random listing in the city directory for Frederick, Maryland. After some small talk, the man who answered the phone indicated he was definitely interested in siding for his 1900’s era Victorian farmhouse.

One thing led to another, and after about 10 minutes, I made the appointment. A couple days later, I drove out there to sell him the job. Usually, in this business, if you don’t close the deal at your first meeting, you don’t get the job. This one was unusual, in that I did sell it, but it took two meetings because of some complicated financial arrangements. Not only that but, percentage-wise, it’s the most commission I ever made on any job. Once again, the management of my life was back on automatic and I could manifest those intentions.

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