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Now Is the Time

"Today was one of those days. I awoke thinking it was the day after - the correct date is October 3, yet I thought it was October 4. As I continue to reflect on this, I realize this has occurred with greater frequency since March of this year. Prior to COVID, my work schedule was so full, and I needed always to be aware of the day, the date, and the time. Now, my work schedule has been replaced by a different type of plan, one which is more like an earlier time in my life, but not really. The most crucial similarity to that last time is Freedom; however, as I was mostly a student through my mid 20’s, I was not working so much. Even when I was working through the 90’s and early 2000’s, my work schedule always allowed me a great deal of Freedom. My schedule became full when I started my Music Studio in 2006. Due to the effects of COVID, my schedule has once again become “unfull,” and I like it. I’ll tell you why.

First of all, who cares what the date is? Does this even matter in the long run? One way that time can count in the “short-run” is when we need a reference to something that happened in the past or something that may or may not occur in the future. These references sync with the way our minds arrange memories and future possibilities. Sometimes we understand the past when we think about how we have been affected by past events. The key is to recognize a Presence greater than all Imagination. A Divine One, which guides us perfectly when we pay attention! Unlike the Past and the Future (both are easy to reference by dates, days, years, minutes, and hours), the Now eludes definition by any time measure.

When you are in the “Now,” your experience of this moment takes place now, not before, not after, but right when it happens. Once this moment yields to the next moment, you are once again in the Now, but only for that moment. Time is only relevant when your awareness of the moment occurs. There is no actual time in the now, only Existence/Being/Now-Awareness. Time is not a substance; it is only a framework we create to place a moment somewhere in the past or future. You-as-Spirit-as-Love happens then and only then. Your “Now Awareness” (being in the moment) allows you to be in that moment and immediately heed what is revealed to you right now. You might exclaim, at that moment, “Wow, I finally get it” or “Now I know exactly what to do.” That revelation can take different forms and can show up in stages as it reveals itself to you. It can show up as colors, patterns, feelings, light inside, or a memory. Usually, there is a thought involved. If you become aware, you may recognize some or all of these or not. You may respond in some way, or you may not. Why bother with it? Here’s why.

Chances are, you may ignore many, if not most, of the moments that pass through your lives. Some of them reappear as thoughts and you may recognize them as dreams. You pass through all the other moments in various states of awareness. Each moment is a moment in the Life of Spirit, and that moment, as all the other moments, is Perfect, Whole and Complete, just as God is. What this means is that each moment contains everything that you are. It’s just like a seed that has/is everything that a plant is. The degree to which you are aware of the moment at hand is the key to your experience of that moment. To the degree you are aware, you are consciously nourishing this moment as water and nutrients nourish a plant.

You cannot help but do this. However, you can, in that moment, instantly recognize and connect with that thought, memory, dream remembrance, etc. and affirm all the Good that you are, knowing that you have it all already. In the moment, it all happens at once, so when you have a thought, be aware of it as you recognize the “right action” to take. This right action could be the steps to take for that new job, etc. Remember, this is not your ego doing the revealing. You light the fire within, and the connection is all there is at that moment of ignition. It shines brightly forward to the Realization of Truth in whatever way you envision this Truth. Spirit is speaking to you through your Inner Voice. Now is the time to listen to Spirit. Now is the time to do it. Now is the Time!"

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