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Open to Possibilities

Our CSL theme for March 2021 is "Open to Possibilities," and it reminds us that the word IMPOSSIBLE contains the phrase ”I’m Possible.”

For me, I see Spirits clear guidance to be open to seeing a Way when there appears to be no Way.

One way that our loving community has begun to create a path of supporting the unhoused in our community is via the Hygiene Kit project.

In the Fall of 2020, our AHIAH Leadership team put out a call for items that we could use to assemble hygiene kits for the unhoused. We requested socks, toiletries, water, and other small items that could be placed into 1 or 2-gallon plastic zip bags and distributed to those experiencing homelessness in our neighboring community.

In February, Troy reminded me that many of our loving community had dropped off items that were now in the classroom, awaiting a team to come and assemble the kits.

I had talked with practitioner Patricia Roach one Sunday while we were recording the streaming service and asked her if she would be willing to help me put together the kits.

We met later that week and assembled 20 hygiene kits – 10 for women with personal sanitary items and 10 for men. We have remaining items for 30 more kits but need more toiletries and small bottles of water to complete the kits.

We also decided to include an issue of the Science of Mind Magazine to feed the spirit of those receiving our love packages.

I put 10 of these kits into my car’s trunk and began distributing them in the Pasadena neighborhood surrounding our church.

Within a mile of our church, there are various encampments of the unhoused who have received our hygiene kits.

I found grateful recipients in the open and some who were not as easily located, including the gas stations on Lake Ave, corner of Lake and Villa ( 7 people including a family in a van) alongside the freeway on Corson Ave., filling station on Lake and Union, Villa Park, and on the corners at Lake and Corson.

They were extremely grateful for your love in the form of the donated items, including washcloths, water, snacks, hand sanitizer, soap, white socks, toiletries and lotion, and other donated items.

I am grateful to each one of you for your donations and support in consciousness for this ministry.

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