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Paying Attention In Class

Today, I’d like to share a perspective that has deeply resonated with me throughout my journey through this remarkable life. It's a saying that has become a guiding light for me: "We are in Earth School, take everything for your growth, upliftment and learning." In the conventional educational system, we receive lessons first and then face tests to evaluate our understanding. But in Earth School, the test often comes before the lesson, and if we don't pass it, we'll encounter that test again until we learn from it.

In our everyday lives, everything we encounter becomes a teacher, offering us lessons on what to do and, equally important, what not to do. Even when we observe the experiences of others, we are presented with opportunities to learn from their actions, gaining insight into what we should or should not emulate.

Yet, there's a common tendency to judge others based on their actions and decisions. When we catch ourselves doing this, it's essential to remember that we might one day find ourselves in a similar situation, facing our own unique lesson. This is where understanding comes into play. Understanding is the antidote to judgment, and it allows us to cultivate compassion, not only for others but also for ourselves.

But let's acknowledge the challenges we face in Earth School. Some of us aren't fully present in class. Instead, we peer over the shoulders of our fellow students, taking notes at times, but often making judgment calls about their choices. We might even find ourselves daydreaming, doodling, or simply oblivious to the lessons our life experiences are trying to teach us.

Eventually, a test arrives, often unannounced, and we're confronted with the consequences of our inattention. Some of us even accumulate these lessons, postponing the inevitable test until it erupts into a crisis, leaving us bewildered by its sudden appearance.

However, there is a profound inner power within each of us. This power can awaken us to the recurring patterns in our lives and how they shape our experiences. When we access this inner strength, we can harness our curiosity and awareness to initiate what I call a "pattern interrupt." It allows us not only to ask the crucial question, "What lesson is this experience trying to teach me?" but also to find the intuitive answers within.

In our Wednesday night Healing Circle, we practice an awareness meditation inspired by Deepak Chopra from the Gaia series, "Radical Well Being." This practice has been studied by scientists who have discovered profound impacts on individuals at the cellular and DNA levels.

Today, I want to share with you a lesson that, when practiced regularly, can help you navigate the tests that Earth School throws your way. You might be experiencing one right now, have recently overcome one, or be on the cusp of facing one in the future.

Here's a meditation that can assist you in passing these tests:

1. Begin by sitting quietly and observing your breath. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath. No judgment, just awareness.

2. Ask yourself, "Who am I?" Listen to the response. Repeat the question several times.

3. Next, inquire, "What do I want?" Listen, ask it again, and repeat the question multiple times.

4. Let go of those questions and ask, "What is my purpose?" Listen to the answers that arise.

5. Finally, ask yourself, "What am I grateful for?" Observe your gratitude building. You may choose to write down these answers after your meditation, creating a gratitude list that will elevate your energy and help you face the challenges of Earth School with grace.

This practice will unveil your core values, allow your heart to guide your choices through heart coherence, (which is allowing your hearts resonance to entrain your brain and bring it into loving alignment) and provide you with a steadfast foundation to weather the storms of life's biggest tests. Yes, Earth School can be challenging, but with simple and consistent grounding practice, we can come to appreciate the lessons and even look forward to the recesses where we can “go outside to play”.

May you find inspiration in this lesson from Earth School as you navigate the tests and experiences of your unique Divine Journey.

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