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Spirit Wastes Nothing

On Wednesday, I stared at images on my computer screen as a scene filled with chaos erupted in Washington, D.C.

I wish that it was possible to say that I could not imagine this happening in America, but that would be a lie. I have a very creative imagination, and there is a cynical part of me that rears up occasionally and creates in my mind possibilities that I truly hope will never happen. I will admit though that the image of a tattooed shirtless man wearing horns and a fur rioting in the temple of our democracy had never crossed my mind.

I do not mean to be flip (as my grandmother used to say) about what is a sad and scary moment in our nation's history, and one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. What I know right now is that there is only one reality, but we each experienced it differently. Some with shock, some with horror, and I dare say that there were those who watched it with glee. It is human nature for us to all live our own reality, see our own truth, and also create our own meaning from the life that we jointly live.

What I am knowing is that Wednesday was necessary for us to move forward as a nation. It was the capstone to a tumultuous 2020. That just like any addiction, we have to hit bottom so that "still, like dust, I'll rise." This week has shown us many truths about America, some positive and some negative. It is the tension between what we determine is "good" and "bad" that draws us forward. We appreciate the warmth more when we are cold, love more when we have seen hate, and dignity more when we recognize disgrace.

Ultimately, Spirit wastes nothing. What I mean by that is that Spirit creates based on what we put into it, but no matter what has been created in the past, It will use that to move us forward in our lives. We will learn and grow from these experiences by becoming stronger, more loving, more honest, and more centered. We will have a greater appreciation for the principles that our country is founded upon. This has been a stepping stone that will get across a raging river to a place that is filled with Peace, Love and Joy.

I am encouraging you to pray with me. To know that Spirit will guide us to a better way of being together. That Love will be revealed as the Truth of our country and each other. That whatever part we need to play will be shown to us in a way that we can each easily see and understand. I stand in the knowing that all is well in the One Mind that Spirit is. Tomorrow is a brighter day.

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