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The Smile

Ah, the power of the smile. Without our faces, we all look pretty much the same. Of course the faces exude expression, adding more definition to them, depending on how we feel at the time. We have two legs, two feet, two arms and two hands. We have two ears, two eyes, two lips, two nostrils, and all the rest of what we call the body. The face is our label. Everyone sees it with their eyes and when we recognize whose face belongs to that soul, we are even more open to the vibration emitted. This vibration is pure energy; you cannot touch it, but you do sense it. It transcends time and place.

Without a face as the ID, we cannot see who the other person is. Even if the person is wearing a hat and all you see is the back of their head, you may sense their identity if they are known to you. You may feel this presence through other senses like smell, hearing, etc., but without a face, those senses can fall short. We have all felt the presence of another, even before seeing them with our eyes because we are sentient beings, ever emitting and receiving vibrations to and from one another. When we become conscious of a vibration, we have recognized the presence of another. If a smile accompanies this vibratory exchange, as one gives and the other receives and vice versa, there is magic in that instant of recognition.

Earlier today, I experienced this magic while face-timing my son who currently lives in Gdansk, Poland with his wife and daughter. They moved there several years ago, so we mostly zoom or FaceTime and visit every year. Our morning is dinner time in Poland, so when they answered, they were enjoying a Christmas feast with my daughter-in-law’s family - a large gathering of siblings and cousins along with her Mom. It reminded me of my own childhood when we would go visit Grandma "over the hills and through the woods". Joy and love were in all their faces. By now, all of us were smiling; best of all, my son was smiling. He remarked that people lately were telling him that he smiles all the time. That made me feel so good. As a child, my nickname was “Smiley” because I smiled all the time. I am so proud of him. And I felt the love surrounding him and his wife and daughter. Peace is in my Soul.

Later, I face-timed my sister who lives in Annapolis, Maryland. She had shared something with me on social media that was so funny, I laughed out loud. I was feeling some energy from her in this communication, so I clicked the video chat button and her image appeared on the screen when we connected. We talked for a while and at a certain point, I remarked that we were both smiling; that we were feeling each other's vibe and it felt good. She agreed. This was just like talking with my son and his family. The fact that we are thousands of miles apart did not get in the way of connecting through the vibrational lines. It is so good to
recognize those we love whether connected to them in person or on the video chat applications. The connection does not leave even when we say goodbye to one another. There is a residue implanted as an image in us from the connection and it lasts way longer. Don't you find yourself talking, thinking about your loved ones long after your time together? Even a week later, that image pops up and brings you right back to connection with that person. Sometimes it is so strong that we feel it together no matter how far apart we may be physically. Those feelings of joy, peace and love well up inside, filling with more of the same. This is the miracle of who we are. Remember and sing the song, “When you’re smiling” often: “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you".

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