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In this transformative time, we are choosing how to be once things “go back to normal”. Many of us have already chosen. And the God-demonstrations like new job, new relationship, childbirth are already manifesting. Over a year has passed, during which time we adjusted how we communicate, connect and interact. In many ways, we made these adjustments so as to limit transmission of the pandemic Covid 19 virus. Some perceive this as a loss and/or limitation of their rights and of freedom. Others welcome the adjustments and do not perceive any loss.

The entire world community is co-experiencing the exact same thing right now. We are co-experiencing it which is to say we are experiencing it in the same moment in time. Some how, the idea of Unity comes to mind. There is not just one country or municipality or continent involved; it’s the same all over the world. Death rates and infections are difficult to measure; like the world, they are forever changing. Can we know what all those upcoming changes are to be? Can we know that about the Covid virus?

Like you, like everyone, I am changing the way I interface in the world. Personally, my changing behaviour is in the career sector. As a human I write, arrange and perform music, I write and speak inspirationally, and I work with others to help them transform. Spirit calls me now to push through my comfort-level and to step into more; this feels good and scary at the same time, but I am called and must answer. Yes, I will be fine, Spirit tells me.

Then, this happened:

While sitting on my front porch, the very air shimmered, its translucent light aglow as through a slice of distressed colored glass. Not only did I see this, at once I was engulfed within its magnificent aura. I saw all the people, things, butterflies, birds, cars, houses, etc., and I heard all the sounds, yet they too were suspended in the shimmering. I began to feel I was in a liquid, suspended yet upheld by God along with every one and everything else that was in this thing. Is this what we mean when we call it the “ether”? I say yes it is.

While suspended in this ether of transformation, of resurrection, the message comes to me in full clarity. It is time to release and let go of that which no longer serves my purpose at this time in my life. By consciously doing this, I am trusting in God. I have known God a long time. No matter where I am, where I was and where I will be, I just trust in God. I have never been let down by this Presence; why should It let me down when I choose the work Spirit wants me to do now?

I asked myself, “If this isn’t Unity, then what is it?

Over the next days, I began to know why this great transformative energy appeared at this exact time, in this God-moment. Spirit always leads us to the exact right action, thought, deed, in the exact right moment. This is one of those moments. I believe it is a moment when Divine Right Action allows us to breathe in what is calling out to us, and breathing out what no longer serves us.

By relegating my ego to a state of service for the greater good the stream of consciousness as musical expression continues to be my connection to the Divine. When I do this work, the self rises to the realm of Spirit (Soul, One Mind, Pure Consciousness). This is where God exists - in Spiritual Connection.

By releasing time-occupying situations that no longer breathe the breath of God, I allow this Breath to fill my Spirit, Mind and Soul. Now I breathe out the energy of new creation, God-breath shines my Light in new ways - new musical compositions, stories, new career paths, new Connections.

God is Good

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