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What's the Color of Your Joy

Joy seems to be a limited commodity in our present culture. Everyone wants it but when I ask people what their Joy actually is, what it looks like? Most of the time they have no idea. I like to differentiate between the experience of Joy and happiness.

Joy is an experience deep inside us. It is always present. It can be felt even in times of great sorrow. We can feel Joy at a funeral even as we are grieving and laughing about the wonderful memories of our dear departed friend. Joy is unconditional. For those with a spiritual bent, I like to think of Joy as the Divine spark that is present in all of us. It can sometimes be covered over with life’s disappointments, pain, shame, guilt, etc. but it is always there. When we choose to, it can be tapped into at any moment. It is within us…always. Joy isn’t outside of ourselves. It is but outside things can support an inner knowing of Joy.

Happiness is very different. Happiness is outside things. It is like a new car. It’s fabulous when we sit in that new car, smelling that new car smell, driving it down the freeway, feeling the speed, and looking cool. Eventually though, the car gets old, the tires wear out, the body gets dented, and suddenly, its not so fabulous anymore. Happiness is conditional. It’s a compliment about a new haircut, an article of clothing, or even a bonus at work. It fades away.

To understand Joy, I ask people to go inside and find that feeling of Joy. When you do this, you become curious about that Joy deep within yourself. Ask yourself, “What is the color of my Joy deep inside of me?” In doing that, you bring Joy forward from deep within yourself so that it can be felt in the physical world. It is an inside out experience.

Once you understand the color, find as many ways as possible to interact with that color. Wear it, eat it, hold it in your pocket, paint your walls with it. This is one way you can call that Joy into a daily life experience. Visualize walking in that color and even speaking in the energy of that color. By doing this, Joy becomes a more tangible experience; one that is felt, demonstrated, and lived.

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