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Why I Have a Dog

A few months ago, our dear doglet Sami passed. Dogs, just like people, show their love in so many ways. We grieve when they die, just like they grieve when we or a beloved pet friend passes away. After some time went by, thoughts of getting a dog or two began to show up. As our grieving subsided, the rejuvenating energy of life began to enter, bringing new experiences. The Law of Attraction paints pathways that allow us to join that beckoning energy as we receive it. At the first breath of this new energy, something lights up inside, demanding our attention, as if to say, “I/you/we need a new dog”. I decided to linger in this thought, allowing it to dialogue in my mind.

At first, the negating responses come - “not really”, “why, it’s so much work”, “I can’t get a dog because I...”. Meanwhile, the idea of getting a new dog is growing like a light getting brighter and brighter. More ideas arrive, but these are positive. Now I know we are getting another dog. I just don’t know when. There was no turning back, a dog is in the stars. Sure, we tried our best to figure out why, how and when the dog would appear. We visited dog adoption websites, surfed internet dog adoption sites and asked people about acquiring a rescue dog these days.

After all, that’s how we got Sami and Desi, our chihuahua mixes - we met a dog rescue person at dinner one night; next thing, we were picking the dogs up and bringing them home. When Desi passed, Sami grieved deeply. She missed her “brother” so. I hand-fed her and used a dropper to get her to eat. After a few months, she felt better and lived a few more years until she passed away back in May.

Then, Bella appeared in our life.

A couple weeks ago, I grabbed my backpack and walked to the local supermarket to get a few things. While waiting at the checkout, a very cute black chihuahua caught my attention; I looked at the woman at the other end of the leash and said out loud to her: “I want it”. That’s all I said, my face one great big smile.

Next thing, she smiled and told me I couldn’t have her dog, Zeus, but she knew about a dog who needed a new home.

“Would you be interested? She’s a chihuahua mix I think - about 5 months old. She’s house-trained, but needs shots and all that. I can bring her when I see her on Friday”, she said.

My eyes grew bigger and brighter. By now I was totally blinded by her smile and the prospect of getting a new dog, even though I had no idea what I was getting into. It was Love.

“Yes. That sounds wonderful”, I replied. I gave her my number so she could text me when she was on her way in a couple days. I only knew her first name at that point - Angela. I had conveniently blocked out that we are going away in a few weeks. Didn’t even think about that at all! Next thing I know, it’s Friday morning and Angela texts me to say she and Bella the dog will be there later in the afternoon. I quickly told my wife - hadn’t told her earlier cause I didn’t know whether the dog was going to materialize.

Sure enough, when a sleek black late model car pulled up, I knew the dog had arrived. I held her at first, but Bella had other ideas. She just jumped right out of my arms into Deborah’s - love at first sight! We just knew this creature was here to be with us. After a couple days, Bella has gotten used to her new surroundings and is wonderful. She knows this is her new home and has decided that Deborah is her “human” of preference.
Why do we have this dog?

We had the intention; the dog manifested - the questions of when, how and why were revealed in the natural course of events that followed. The dog arrived when it did (when); we arranged dog-sitting and veterinarian visits so that we could carry on with our lives and travel plans (how); and Bella is a Love-being who we get to love (why). This is why I have a dog.

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