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Your Formula for Demonstration-old

We practice Religious Science aka Metaphysical Science because we desire to create results in our life which we call a DEMONSTRATION. Demonstration is defined in Websters Dictionary as : The act or
process of providing evidence for or showing the truth of something. To achieve this end, we
practice a special form of prayer known as Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a form of prayer; a spiritual toolset we can utilize when life shows up, as it does sometimes, in seemingly chaotic fashion.

Recently I experienced the transition of my godbrother, who I talked to every week and who has been in my life since I was 4 years old. As a Religious Science minister I am well steeped in the principles of Truth. But as a human being I also know the human experience of grief. Grief is a process that involves healing and revealing, and assimilation of the Truth over, what we as humans call, Time. “It takes Time
to heal”, we say.

During this auspicious time I have been fasting and recently been reminded of what I like to call “a formula for the demonstration of healing.” These tools have worked for me over the years, and I thought I would share them with you in the hopes it will make your life journey much smoother.

First, we can choose to demonstrate the power of writing and keeping a spiritual journal. There is a part of our consciousness accessed when we write that seems to bypass the intellect and the filters that our mind engages when it is experiencing challenges.

Overtime you may begin to realize that these writings are a living scripture for your life. A record of your
relationship with the Divine. It will be a kind of bible for you to see evidence of that which cannot be seen by the human eyes. It will help to ground you in the foundation of living your life based on spiritual
principles rather than the changing landscape of world events.

This spiritual journal will serve to record your experiences with spiritual principle, spiritual partners and spiritual practices. The combination of these 3 elements will serve to ground you in the Truth of your living as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Secondly I would invite you to set the intention for spiritual partnership. Ask a practitioner or minister to
pray with you after Sunday service, or make an appointment online, or by phone. Once you have a sense of their consciousness, invite them to join your spiritual team. A practitioner can help you deepen your
awareness of your Soul and the Loving Presence that is within you.

Finally, set your intention to turn your awareness to a spiritual practice every day. Upon awakening, give your Soul or Spirit some attention by simply turning within. Observe your thoughts as they float by like leaves on a stream. See them as simply thoughts, nothing more. Observe your breath as it enters your
nostrils and as it leaves the body.

This quiet time allows us to tune in to a higher frequency being generated from within. It allows us to experience a gentle pause in our normal thinking, redirect our attention from the world of external
events and listen to that still, small voice within that reminds us that there is a place of Peace within us, waiting for us to open and receive what our heart desires.

This simple formula of incorporating spiritual principle, partners and practices will help you demonstrate actual proof that the Divine is still n charge of your life, and All is Well.

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