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A Community of Spiritual Seekers where ALL are Welcome and Supported on their Journey!
"Inclusion in Action"

150 N. El Molino Avenue

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Sunday Wisdom Talk Series:

August 2, 2020

“Let's Get Together & Feel All Right”

Rev. Scott Olson

Singer:  Tina Meeks


August 9, 2020

“Who Are We"

Rev. Scott Olson

Singer:  Connie Rouse


August 16, 2020

"Color Blind or Color Full”

Rev. Scott Olson

Singer:  Eloah Shaddai


August 23, 2020

"Better Together"

Rev. Scott Olson

Singer:  Grace Fae

August 30, 2020

"We Are..."

Rev. Scott Olson

Singer:  Michael Paul

Meet Our Ministers!
Rev. Scott Olson
Senior Minister
 Events & Services
Sunday Ministries
Weekly Ministries 
Tuesdays 7pm
BookStudy Group - currently covering the "I AM DISCOURSES" - Volume 17
Tuesdays 7pm
Heartfulness Meditation Group
Weds 1:30 pm
Abundant Business Community Networking Group
Weds 7 pm
Healing Circle 7pm
Fridays 6:30pm
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Monthly Ministries

Join us for our regular Sunday programming on Livestream! Master Sio is at 10:30am with his Healing Meditation, followed by the Ahiah Sunday Celebration at 11:00am

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Rev. Michael B. Lattimore
Assistant Minister
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3rd Sunday
Men's Group - Open to all Men. Meets in the Theatre at 1pm
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3rd Sunday

Men's Group - Open to all Men. Meets in the Theatre at 1pm