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Connection and Acceptance as Oneness

The breath of life flows ever forward through all that is, all that ever was and all that will be; it’s as if there is a channel through which it flows, like electricity passing through a wire. Electricity is harnessed and used to make artificial light, to power tools and equipment. It manifests as lightning, as a defense mechanism in some life forms and we all have experienced static electricity. The breath of life, in contrast, is always and everywhere present. Boundless and free, all powerful, and all knowing, Spirit is in all that is form and as yet unformed. Spirit as the breath of all life exists even in electricity. When Spirit manifests in me as Love and Connection with another human, the magnetic pull can be irresistible.
Forty-five years ago, I married the one I with whom I continue to share my life. My loving belief was that SHE would not change; I fell in love with her just the way she was. She changed! Her loving belief about me was that I would change to fit her conception of who I was. I did not change in this way. What happened?
Forty-five years have passed. As a human being, I experienced the ups and downs of life during these years. As a Spiritual Being, I remained connected with God. My Connection with God is the Switch that is always on unless I choose to turn it off. I choose to keep the Switch on; I continue to allow the irresistible magnetic pull of Spirit.
Though my wife did not stay the same, my love for her - my Connection - not only remained, it grew. Even though I never “changed” to her satisfaction, her love for me - her Connection - remained and grew as well.
We often use the phrase “…makes the heart grow fonder (love, absence, etc.) to describe how the Connection (the Love) shines through time, trauma, challenge and planetary changes. I accept what is. By accepting, I make a choice. When I choose to accept this as what it is, the Power and Presence of the All-Knowing God propels me to all the Joy I can receive. I choose to accept what is. I affirm:

I am what is as God.

You can even reorder the words to fit your Connection with the One Mind. Perhaps it will stick as a personal affirmation just for you.

Say it and think about it for a moment; let it seep in.

Life is affirmed when using this affirmation or another. That is the whole point. Whether you make it up or grab one; whether spoken, heard, felt, or any other method, when the Affirmation fills you, the LIGHT that shines is yours and God’s. At that moment, you connect with God, that which knows that it knows that it knows, to the degree of your awareness.
Acceptance resides in this moment of connection with the Divine Presence that is all mighty, always present, and all knowing. This Divine Substance, always present yet ever unseen, therefore, can and must be your complete acceptance and understanding that you know what IT knows what you know what IT is. It is like a mathematical equation.

Acceptance Is: the Light that God shines
+the switch that I turn on =

When I choose to accept what is, I simultaneously connect with Spirit. This can be a conscious (or unconscious) choice between two or more alternatives. My decision is mine and mine alone. By deciding, I have answered the questions, “If not me, who?” And “If not now, when?”

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